The Secret to Craft a High- Converting Holiday Newsletter

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The holiday season is in full force, and it is one of the best times to reel in customers. There are many different ways to convert customers this holiday season, but nothing beats an effective newsletter. The only problem? Everyone is sending them, so in order to get yours to convert (or even opened), it has to stand out. “Wishing you a safe, happy holiday” won’t cut it if you want to see conversions. That’s why we have compiled some effective holiday email tips that will help you craft a high-converting holiday newsletter this season. 

Why Send Holiday Emails?

Holiday newsletters are a great chance to connect with your customers and target audience. You can share exciting news about your business, make customers feel valued, and offer some amazing deals to convert customers during the heavy-shopping season. Another big reason to send a holiday newsletter is that your competition probably is. A holiday newsletter is now the standard, and if you don’t send any you will fall behind. The only issue? Holiday emails don’t convert. The average conversion rate is a measly .14% for these emails. Is there even a point? Absolutely. When done right, your holiday emails can produce outstanding conversion rates. 

Strike with the Subject Line

Arguably, the subject line is the most important part of your newsletter. According to Business2Community, 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone! “Happy Holidays” won’t cut it if you are trying to stand out from the crowd and encourage opens. Craft a subject line that is short, create urgency, personalized, and describe the actual email content. Avoid words like newsletter or journal, and try to include “free” when applicable. Some effective holiday email subject lines include:

  • Order before [DATE] and have it shipped on time for [holiday name]
  • Here’s your [holiday name] to-do list
  • [Holiday Name] Tips& Tricks

Design on Point

Once you get people to open your email, you must keep their interest. Design plays a huge role in these. The goal of your email will greatly influence the design elements you should use. Looking to convert and boost your click-through rate? Make your CTA big, bold, and enticing. Make sure your branding is cohesive, including all font, colors, shapes, and photos. Make sure your message is succinct and clear, and craft a visually appealing newsletter. Add some festivity without going overboard.

Creative Copy 

If you want to earn click-throughs and conversions from your Holiday newsletters, you will need to be creative. Around this time, everyone is saying the same thing. Happy holidays, here’s a deal for you. While that may still be your main message, you must find a way to be humorous, unique, or creative about it.  Find a new way to say the same old thing, or take an approach that is totally different from your competitors. 

Give the People What They Want

People are looking for deals around the holiday season. Holiday sales account for up to 30% of the sales for the year for some businesses. The holiday season is a time where consumers are looking to buy, and are hyper-aware of deals. Use your newsletter to give them what they want! The most conversion-friendly holiday emails are:

  • Apology emails that include a good offer/promotion 
  • Back in stock announcements 
  • Gift card promotion emails
  • VIP customer exclusive deals

Wrap Up 

Holiday emails are a great way to reach and convert customers, but only when done right. Pay special attention to subject lines, focus on festive, but effective design, craft creative copy, and promote some irresistible deals. By sending a few of these well-designed holiday newsletters, you can build a relationship with customers while also converting customers and increasing your revenue for a successful holiday season. 

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