Popeyes: Where Are They Now?

Categories: E-commerce Marketing SEO Shoutouts
Published June 4, 2020

Written by Rashida Beal

If you have a Twitter or read our blog post at the end of 2019, then you know that Popeye’s had a huge marketing win last year. With the release of their new chicken sandwich, Popeye’s ignited a fierce (but entertaining) chicken sandwich social media war and garnered the attention of people…

Top 5 Types of Content for Effective Digital Marketing

Categories: Content Marketing Marketing SEO Social Media
Published May 22, 2020

Written by Kristine Cameron

One of the most challenging aspects of content marketing is staying on top of changing viewing trends. For instance, most brands are aware that blogging is an essential part of a successful SEO strategy, but many organizations haven’t quite figured out that visual, audio, and video formats can also be…

How to Make a Connection with your Online Audience

Categories: Audience Business Content Marketing Marketing SEO Social Media
Published April 20, 2020

Written by Quinn Black

Okay, you’ve built your online audience, now you have to figure out how to connect with them. Connecting with your online audience is a crucial part of the process of turning followers into customers. Knowing how to properly connect with your audience is the difference between marketing success and failure. Brand…

Top 5 Effective Keyword Research Techniques for 2020

Categories: SEO
Published March 7, 2020

Written by Kristine Cameron

Trying to figure out SEO strategies that actually work for your business can often feel like you’re aimlessly tossing random keywords at the wall until something eventually sticks. Google’s algorithm changes every day, and trending topics may vanish without a trace just days after becoming popular. Whether you own a…

The Golden Ticket for Boosting Website Traffic

Categories: SEO
Published November 26, 2019

Written by Rashida Beal

Customer conversion is the key to sales, and more website traffic equals more chances to convert. Luckily, we have a golden ticket for website conversion.