Pasqually’s Pizza Is Actually Chuck E. Cheese

Categories: Business
Published June 3, 2020

Written by Rashida Beal

The online ordering and delivery industry has grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014, indicating an obvious trend toward ordering food online. 60% of Americans order delivery or take out at least once a week, and both of these trends started before the pandemic. The food and beverage industry…

Dirty Tricks and Sly Campaigns

Categories: Business Marketing
Published May 27, 2020

Written by Lauren Mark

While Virgin Atlantic is now one of the largest and most popular airlines, it didn’t start out that way. If British Airways had their way back in the early 1990s, Virgin Atlantic might not exist today at all. In what is now aptly known as the “dirty tricks” campaign, British…

Why Does Disney Sue Everyone Who Uses Its Brand?

Categories: Brand Authority Business E-commerce
Published May 26, 2020

Written by Rashida Beal

Disney is one of the most popular brands in the entire world! You would be hard-pressed to find a person who does not know at least one Disney character, film, or story. Disney’s popularity also makes it incredibly profitable, as it earned over 11 billion net dollars in 2019. Because…

How Are Organizations Transitioning To Digital?

Categories: Business Events
Published May 21, 2020

Written by Lauren Mark

While the coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on businesses spanning a variety of industries, it hasn’t stopped them from stepping up and making the most out of a tough situation. Transitioning to remote work and online events has proved challenging for many businesses. However, there are several businesses that…

Hustle Culture

Categories: Business
Published May 19, 2020

Written by Lauren Mark

“Remember, Shakespeare wrote King Lear in quarantine!” This seems to be the mantra of everyone from businessmen to entrepreneurs to influencers in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. While no one who says this is truly expecting the next great tragedy to be written during this time, it is certainly…