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The friendly auditor: Why you need to invest in a content audit

Categories: Business Content Marketing Marketing Social Media
Published October 29, 2019

Written by Jackie Logsdon

A content audit is the one type of audit you shouldn’t fear. And it’s high time you scheduled one.

How AI Impacts Content Marketing

Categories: Business Content Marketing Writing
Published October 18, 2019

Written by Jelene Juario

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer science fiction. It has become a behemoth in the marketing field, challenging how we provide and use content daily. You may wonder: How will AI affect your content marketing strategy? What kinds of AI-based tools have emerged to create change in the marketing industry?…

How to Define Your Online Audience

Categories: Audience Business Content Marketing Marketing
Published October 9, 2019

Written by Jelene Juario

Understanding your online audience is an important step in reaching marketing success. To be successful though, you need to know your online audience. Good content means knowing how to target your content properly for your online audience. This post will teach the steps to define your online audience. Why Is…

Inform, Entertain, and Inspire: 3 Guiding Principles for Business, Writing, and Beyond

Categories: Business
Published September 17, 2019

Written by Kristine Cameron

If you’ve been on this blog before, you’re probably familiar with the Content Cucumber mantra: “Inform, entertain, and inspire.” However, as writers, we realize that our quick 4-word summary doesn’t really convey the true passion we have for these values.

What the Heck is Content Cucumber?

Categories: Business Content Marketing Writing
Published May 21, 2019

Written by Kristine Cameron

Take a second and picture yourself scrolling through Netflix, searching for the perfect show to binge-watch this week. I’m not talking about blasé “Netflix and chill” content; I mean high-quality productions that you actually want to pay attention to.

After skimming through seemingly hundreds of low-budget horror movies and cringe-worthy sitcoms, you might finally stumble upon a hidden gem that you thoroughly enjoy… but wouldn’t it be easier if these awesome shows appeared automatically? Or if the entirety of Netflix was customized for your exact specifications?

Moving On After the Shopify and Mailchimp Breakup: What’s Next?

Categories: Business E-commerce
Published May 10, 2019

Written by sammorey

After a number of heated arguments and disagreements about sharing customer data, the official divorce between Shopify and Mailchimp will commence on May 12. Once the previously inseparable couple decides to part ways for good, it’s up to users to decide for themselves which service they want to keep. Since it…

Are Seth Godin and Neil Patel the Same Person?

Categories: Business Shoutouts
Published May 8, 2019

Written by sammorey

Think about it. Godin and Patel are both bald marketing geniuses. They share similar passions and strive to inspire entrepreneurs around the globe. But do you ever wonder how they achieved such success? Or why these like-minded marketers have never collaborated together on a project? The only logical explanation for…

Should Your Small Business Start Selling On Amazon?

Categories: Business E-commerce
Published May 6, 2019

Written by sammorey

In a press release published back in January, Amazon proudly announced that millions of small and medium-sized businesses from over 130 countries utilized the platform in 2018. Amazon reported that thousands of retailers were able to dramatically increase their profits and attract countless new customers after choosing to sell on the massive…

Can a Small Business Benefit from a Case Study?

Categories: Business
Published April 19, 2019

Written by sammorey

Countless enterprises, including Netflix, Apple, and Pandora, benefit from case studies every year. Mega-corporations frequently share success stories about how they improved their products, solved customer complaints, or fixed an issue within their company that was affecting their clients. The popularity of the case study method among major companies proves that this type…

Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Categories: Business Social Media
Published March 27, 2019

Written by sammorey

Most small business owners know that social media can be a powerful marketing tool, but you might still have questions about how to get started: How can you devote time to social media while you’re putting in countless hours for your startup? How do you come up with new ideas…