How COVID-19 is Impacting the Influencer Industry

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Published June 29, 2020

Written by Kristine Cameron

With the global pandemic causing many countries to go into lockdown, many influencers were left grasping at straws for new marketing ideas. Unable to travel, attend events, or try out new restaurants and attractions, some influencers have been struggling to maintain brand collaborations and create fresh content. In order to…

3 Comic Series You’ll Be Surprised You Aren’t Following

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Published May 31, 2020

Written by Rashida Beal

A laugh a day keeps the doctor away. Okay, maybe it’s supposed to be an apple, but laughter is great for your health as well. Laughter relieves physical tension and stress, boosts your immune system, and improves your mood. There are so many incredible short and long term benefits from…

Self-Care Subscriptions For Your Pet

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Published May 30, 2020

Written by Sarah Reynolds

Chances are, you’ve seen ads for one of the many fun, quirky, and unique subscription boxes out there! From candy to houseplants, there are lots of options for people to get a fun surprise in the mail. These subscription boxes are marketed as anything from self-care to simply a way…

You Can Virtually Ride Some Of Your Favorite Rides

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Published May 29, 2020

Written by Lauren Mark

We may not be able to take a trip to Six Flags or Cedar Point this summer, but that doesn’t mean we thrill-seekers can’t get our rollercoaster fix! Remember those old days when a few tokens at Chuck E. Cheese would buy you a turn in the old-fashioned VR rollercoaster…

Taking on TikTok

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Published May 23, 2020

Written by Quinn Black

Who else is singing “I’m bored in the house and I’m in the house bored” to themselves while going about their day? TikTok is thriving right now. With everyone quarantining it seems like there’s nothing else to do but watch endless amounts of random videos that will without fail get…