Echo Chambers & the Internet

Categories: Social Media
Published March 18, 2020

Written by Lauren Mark

Search online for any major news topic, from the coronavirus to the upcoming presidential election, and you are bound to encounter polarization. Nowadays, it is much more common to see groups that hold strong, contrasting beliefs than people whose beliefs fall “in the middle” on different topics. While there are…

Facebook: Gift or Curse?

Categories: Social Media
Published March 14, 2020

Written by Sonja Henrikssen

Facebook has been going strong since 2004, and whether you actively use it or not, chances are good that you too have an account. In the beginning, it was a place where friends would congregate, families would stay in touch, and teen drama would unfurl. Like MySpace before it, Facebook…

The Floyd Mayweather of Video Streaming: YouTube

Categories: Social Media
Published February 27, 2020

Written by Sonja Henrikssen

In a world where everyone has access to virtually every kind of technology, creating a content monopoly is virtually impossible. Old forms of entertainment die out quickly, and new ideas, regardless of how popular they are (Vine, anyone?) are often outpaced by the competition. Despite the limitless array of content…

The Great Emoji Unveiling

Categories: Social Media
Published February 5, 2020

Written by Jackie Logsdon

Holy hot tamales, Batman! Get ready for rollerskating mammoths! Over a hundred new emojis are debuting this year including new food options (like tamales), several animals (welcome at last, wooly mammoth), and the perplexingly long-absent roller skate emoji. 🤔 From idea to emoji 🤔 The process of creating and approving new emojis…

Data Tracking & Protecting Your Privacy

Categories: Social Media
Published January 16, 2020

Written by Sara Leonard

We don’t think about how location-dependent our phones have become. To know precisely when it might start raining, we let our weather app track us to within a few hundred feet. Social media apps use our location constantly to suggest where we might want to check-in or tag, and we…