If you’re a Disney fan, a Star Wars fan, or a Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fan, the dream that you wished for came true with the arrival of Disney+.

As of its launch in November 2019, there has been no other way than to stream your favorite Disney movies and TV shows. Whatever your favorite TV show or movie from Disney is, there’s a really good chance you can find it on Disney+. This new streaming platform is full of Disney content for all ages, from old Disney Channel TV shows to more grown-up sitcoms like The Simpsons. They have gone out of their way to include content that genuinely interests a variety of different people, avoiding any sort of niche that may make some people doubt its value.

Although its catalog at launch was extensive enough, especially for families with children and nostalgic adults, Disney has a lot of ideas about content that will draw in more users. There are several new Star Wars and Marvel shows scheduled to come out in the coming months, as well as brand new shows coming out such as Shop Class or Stargirl. The popularity of the original Star Wars series The Mandalorian has skyrocketed their reputation further, as well as raising the expectations for future original series that may make their way to the platform. Still, producing amazing original content isn’t enough to set a streaming service apart anymore…

What makes Disney’s new streaming service stand out from its competitors is the low cost. In most cases, it’s cheaper than other streaming services, coming out to $6.99 a month or $70 for a complete year in the United States. This is half the cost of the U.S. annual subscription for Netflix. There are rumors that this is just to get users in the door, and that Disney will be raising its prices before long, but that’s hardly a new trick in the streaming industry. Whatever the price may be in the future, at the moment it’s a pretty good deal compared to competitors.

The service isn’t perfect, and many users dealt with slow load times as everyone hopped on to catch up on Marvel movies and re-watch their favorite Disney classics during the first week after its launch, but Disney+ has decidedly established themselves as a successful new platform.

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