We have all seen those products that just seem too ridiculous to be real. But, they are real, and they have some seriously funny Amazon reviews.

Check out these hilarious reviews!

BIC For Her Medium Ballpoint Pen

This fantastically sarcastic review perfectly demonstrates the ridiculous idea of a gender being assigned to a pen.

Funny Amazon review of  BiC For Her

Wheelmate Laptop Steering Wheel Desk

If you think people texting while driving is a problem, get ready to see people fully typing away at their laptops! Disclaimer: do not use while driving!

Funny Amazon review of a steering wheel desk

Uranium Ore

What else should this product be used for?

Funny Amazon review of uranium ore

How To Avoid Huge Ships

This book is not only $100, but is also extremely offensive to huge ships.

We hope this blog not only made you laugh but also taught you a valuable lesson about judging huge ships. There are so many more funny Amazon reviews out there, tag us on Twitter and show us your favorite one!

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