Febreeze is now a household name when it comes to keeping your home smelling fresh, but it wasn’t always that way. At first, Febreeze struggled to move their products from the shelves. Once they embraced advertising focused on habits, however, they saw unparalleled success. Here’s how Febreeze capitalized on habit-forming advertising tactics, and how you can too.

Initially, Febreeze focused on a target audience they thought would use their products, people with “bad-smelling” lifestyles. A couple of examples are smokers and pet owners who they believed would want to use their products to get rid of these smells. The problem? Those people were so used to whatever they smelled on a daily basis that they were desensitized to it, and therefore were not motivated to use Febreeze. After all, if they don’t think they have a scent problem, why would they be searching for a solution?

Once Febreeze realized these stinky people were fine living with it, they started looking into what would motivate a person to use Febreze. The answer may seem a bit contradictory, but the people who already meticulously cleaned their homes were the prime targets for Febreeze. Think about it: people who clean a lot want things to look and seem clean and enjoy the reward of that squeaky clean smell at the end. These clean-focused people were already in the habit of cleaning and applying products and wanted to add that spritz of Febreeze to top off the job. Instead of marketing to people who saw no need for their product, Febreeze finally excelled by marketing to people who could insert their products into their already-consistent cleaning habit.

The key: make your product part of your customer’s habit. Learn from how they moved from selling to who they felt should use their products to those who wanted to use them. When Febreeze targeted an audience who could easily fit them into their current habits (cleaning), they found booming success. Make, and market, a product that builds habits, and you will become something consumers just need to incorporate into their daily lives.

Spraying Febreeze and habits

Ahhhh, now doesn’t that smell nice and fresh?

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