Why Organic Marketing Rocks

Categories: Content Marketing SEO
Published July 4, 2018

Written by sammorey

Let’s face it: we’ve all become somewhat desensitized to internet advertisement. What were once innocent banner adshave devolved into annoying clickbait one-liners about how “Doctors hate him for creating this miracle pill!” These primal grabs for our attention have trained us to largely ignore web page sidebars full of paid ads….

SEO And Social Media: A Match Made In Heaven?

Categories: Brand Authority SEO Social Media
Published June 27, 2018

Written by sammorey

Way back in 2008, Search Engine Watch published an influential article entitled “ Social Media and SEO — Friends with Benefits?” Clearly, in terms of internet marketing, 2008 is ancient history. (The article even mentions primeval artifacts of the online world such as Mixx, Digg, and Myspace in a short list…

Building Brand Authority In The Online World

Categories: Brand Authority SEO
Published June 20, 2018

Written by sammorey

Brand authority is about far more than just “image control.” It is the culmination of excellent customer service, uncompromising business ethics, and, of course, effective message-sharing. When people consider you the “go-to” company for your particular product, then you’ve got brand authority. This can be hard to measure with any single…

“Scarcity Is Over:” Seth Godin On Differentiating Your Brand

Categories: Brand Authority Events
Published June 13, 2018

Written by sammorey

Wednesday, June 6th marked the official opening of the main conference for IRCE 2018 — and the keynote speakers certainly got things off to an exciting start. (Bleary-eyed and tired as many attendees, ourselves included, may have been.) David Gilboa, co-founder and co-CEO of Warby Parker, started things off by sharing…

What Is A Content Cucumber?

Categories: Marketing
Published June 6, 2018

Written by sammorey

It’s not the latest diet craze, and it’s not a relaxing spa treatment, either. (Good guesses, though!) Content Cucumber is a convenient new way of getting your blogs, marketing emails, and web copy written by a professional team. We started Content Cucumber because we know how time-consuming and unreliable sources…