Have You Ever Heard of Ring by Spring?

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Published March 21, 2020

Written by Sarah Reynolds

Across the nation, at Christian colleges far and wide, you can hear the hum. The hum of a single thought that will end up becoming a kind of dating and flirting flurry that was previously unmatched. That hum? Ring by spring. As graduation looms ever closer, these young adults are…

What Happened to the Apple Card?

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Published March 20, 2020

Written by Jay Vasquez

What if it was possible to reap the benefits of having a credit card without having to accept the laundry list of rules and fees that come with it? Imagine being able to cut the ‘bank’ element out of the banking equation and enjoy the conveniences of having an open…

Traffic & Conversion Summit Postponed Due to Coronavirus

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Published March 19, 2020

Written by Kristine Cameron

Under the recommendations of the California Department of Public Health, the 2020 T&C Summit will not be occurring in San Diego from March 31 – April 2. Since the coronavirus is now considered to be a global pandemic, canceling large events and practicing social distancing are two crucial ways to…

Why Is Starbucks the Coffee Standard?

Categories: Marketing

Written by Sonja Henrikssen

There are now over 28,000 Starbucks worldwide, churning out lattes, frappuccinos, macchiatos, flat whites, nitro cold brews, and practically every other incarnation of coffee imaginable to more than 3 trillion visitors every year. Starbucks has become a mainstay of American and international coffee culture, but not everyone is too happy…

Echo Chambers & the Internet

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Published March 18, 2020

Written by Lauren Mark

Search online for any major news topic, from the coronavirus to the upcoming presidential election, and you are bound to encounter polarization. Nowadays, it is much more common to see groups that hold strong, contrasting beliefs than people whose beliefs fall “in the middle” on different topics. While there are…