How To Write Awesome Social Media Content

Categories: Content Marketing Social Media Writing
Published May 23, 2018

Written by sammorey

Whether it’s a twenty character tweet or a professional mission statement, strong writing is crucial to effective social media marketing. But what exactly is “good” writing? The answer is more complicated than most people (content writers included) realize. Here’s a couple of interesting examples to consider: When motivational speaker Robin Sharma tweeted his…

Is Your E-commerce Business Attending IRCE 2018?

Categories: E-commerce Events
Published May 16, 2018

Written by sammorey

The internet offers powerful tools for accomplishing almost any goal: from managing teams, to sharing new ideas, to networking, and making sales. But even considering everything that can be accomplished from behind a computer screen, getting out of the office and traveling to a conference is still one of the…

5 Statistics That Will Change The Way You Market Your Business

Categories: Content Marketing Marketing
Published May 9, 2018

Written by sammorey

When it comes to online marketing, long-term investments will always generate more revenue than short-sighted campaigns. Building an online presence doesn’t happen overnight, but the payoff is huge. If you haven’t begun investing in content writing, these numbers might be enough to inspire and motivate you!  1. 81% OF PEOPLE PERFORM…

How Social Media Media Changed The World

Categories: Marketing Social Media
Published May 2, 2018

Written by sammorey

Four in five Americans use social media — as do nine in ten American businesses. The marketing opportunities that free information sharing platforms offer are obvious. But this article is about more than just business. Let’s talk about the global impact of the social media revolution. RAPID COMMUNICATION The invention of the…

What Blogging Does For Your Business

Categories: Brand Authority Writing
Published April 25, 2018

Written by sammorey

Spoiler alert: it does a lot of good. It’s difficult to think of a single organization that would not benefit from content marketing. Blogging is as universally beneficial to businesses as advertising — because, in essence, blogs can be thought of as a uniquely engaging kind of advertising. Content marketing…