The Great Emoji Unveiling

Categories: Social Media
Published February 5, 2020

Written by Jackie Logsdon

Holy hot tamales, Batman! Get ready for rollerskating mammoths! Over a hundred new emojis are debuting this year including new food options (like tamales), several animals (welcome at last, wooly mammoth), and the perplexingly long-absent roller skate emoji. 🤔 From idea to emoji 🤔 The process of creating and approving new emojis…

Building Brand Authority In The Online World

Categories: Brand Authority SEO
Published June 20, 2018

Written by sammorey

Brand authority is about far more than just “image control.” It is the culmination of excellent customer service, uncompromising business ethics, and, of course, effective message-sharing. When people consider you the “go-to” company for your particular product, then you’ve got brand authority. This can be hard to measure with any single…