The Perks of Plants & 5 That Are Almost Invincible

Categories: Content Marketing
Published March 8, 2020

Written by Sarah Reynolds

A couple of months ago, we posted a poll to our Instagram story asking whether people prefer real or fake plants, and 62% said they preferred fake plants. While we get the appeal of a plant that is literally impossible to kill (because it wasn’t alive in the first place),…

The Great Emoji Unveiling

Categories: Social Media
Published February 5, 2020

Written by Jackie Logsdon

Holy hot tamales, Batman! Get ready for rollerskating mammoths! Over a hundred new emojis are debuting this year including new food options (like tamales), several animals (welcome at last, wooly mammoth), and the perplexingly long-absent roller skate emoji. 🤔 From idea to emoji 🤔 The process of creating and approving new emojis…