You’ve hired a new content writer for your business, and while things seem to be going well so far, you’re not sure if he’s “The One.”

He sends you relevant blog posts and website copy, he’s always there to fulfill your requests, and you’re pretty sure that he is helping you gain new website traffic… but there are plenty of content writers out there, and you want to make sure you have a good fit.

If you want to make sure that your business and your content writer are a match made in heaven, there are a few green flags that you should look for as you develop your content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is one of the most essential elements of building your ecommerce business, so while you may not be spending the rest of your life with your content writer, you want to make sure that the individual you hire to write for you is the perfect match for your unique needs.

Here are a few signs that will indicate that your content writer is “The One”:

Your writer is a good communicator

If you are only hearing crickets from your content writer, you should run for the hills. An effective content writer knows the importance of open communication, and he should reach out to you regularly to receive feedback, pitch ideas, and create content.

The right content writer will keep a line of communication open. You should not have to worry about being unable to reach your content writer, and your writer should regularly correspond with you about the direction you want your blog to take, any content changes you would like to make, and how he can provide you with the best possible content writing experience.

A lack of communication is a red flag, and you should take silence as a sign that you and your content writer might need to take a break.

Your writer takes an interest in you

If your content writer is not excited about your industry or your brand, then he will not produce content with the quality and enthusiasm your business deserves. A good sign that your content writer might be “The One” is if he takes an interest in your brand by:

  • Asking questions about your products and services
  • Writing about your industry with enthusiasm
  • Sharing information with you and your audience about relevant topics in your industry
  • Writing content that makes your industry sound exciting

Effective content writers will conduct research, ask questions, and learn as much as they can about your blog post topics so that they can create high-quality content for your business.

Your writer gets you

When you hire a content writer, this individual’s words will start to become the voice of your blog. This means that you need a content writer that understands your brand. The content writer you choose to work with should have a clear idea of:

  • Your target audience
  • How your business can help your target audience
  • Your company’s role within your industry

This way, your writer will be able to produce relevant content that adds value and helps grow your audience.

If the content you receive demonstrates that your content writer knows the heart of your business and the mission and vision of your brand, this content writer might be perfect for you.

Your writer is a good listener

While your content writer might be the expert when it comes to creating content, you ultimately know the heart of your brand and what you are trying to accomplish with your blog. If you receive content that does not match the vision you have for your blog posts, you should be able to reach out to your content writer for revisions.

While a good content writer will be receptive to your feedback, a great content writer will actually welcome feedback, eager to make sure that your final product aligns with, and even exceeds, your expectations. Your content writer should listen to any feedback, both negative and positive, you have to offer and adjust accordingly.

When you find a content writer who actively seeks out feedback and implements this feedback into revisions and future content, you know that you have the potential for a strong match.

Your writer knows how to have fun

When it comes to gaining new website traffic, improving your SEO, and increasing conversions for your ecommerce business, content is key. If you want to gain all the benefits that can come from effective content marketing, then you need to make sure that your content writer is producing work that is relevant and engaging.

Providing your website visitors with engaging content will encourage them to share information about your brand with others, visit your website frequently, and make purchases from your business. Make sure your content writer creates high-quality content that your audience will find interesting and that he knows how to let his enthusiasm and voice shine through his work.

Hiring a content writer for your business is a great way to stay on top of your content marketing, but if they are not the right fit, you will not be able to fully capitalize on all of the benefits that can come from including strong content on your website. If you want to take your content marketing to the next level, you should make sure you find a content writer that demonstrates all of the positive signs listed above.

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