The fast-paced world of the Internet can be daunting. Fads come and go faster than many of us can keep up with, and we barely have time to Google the hottest new meme before it’s gone. We see so much content on a daily basis that it can be hard to filter out the useful, the interesting, and the helpful from all the noise. But ensuring that your product or business stands out from the crowd can be done.

Whether you’re just starting to grow your small business, or you have been an established and well-loved company for years, digital marketing is crucial to getting your message out there in today’s world. Here are a few tips that every business should be using!


It makes all the difference to spend a little extra time ensuring that your clients will be able to easily find exactly what they need on your site. This means that both desktop and mobile versions of your website are easy to use, and that they look like they belong in the 21st century!

Remember way up at the beginning of the article where we mentioned how fast paced the Internet is? Well, that’s how people expect the Internet to work. According to Common Place and their own work on website usability, your website should load in 3 seconds or less. The more slowly your site loads, the less likely people are to stick around to view it. Speed and ease of use are key.


Social media is an excellent way to widen your digital marketing footprint; Not only is it less expensive than traditional marketing (i.e. television, paper advertisements, etc.) but it can be tailored to meet the need of specific demographics. Who’s your target audience? Where do they seek out information, and where do they share their own opinions? Social media has changed how people communicate, and as a result how do business.

Once you’ve figured out where your target audience likes to “digitally-hang,” focus your efforts accordingly. While social media can dramatically widen your outreach, not every ad is going to go viral. Remember to keep your expectations realistic, and to stick to your strategy.


Most people encountering your ad online will likely be focused on something completely unrelated, so your ad will need to be compelling enough to prompt a click. According to Forbes, “using high-quality imagery that is telling as to what the ad promotes is one of the most important features for all successful digital advertising campaigns.” This rings true both in how to attract consumers, and in ensuring that your advertising looks trustworthy.

Scammers and hackers are as much a part of the makeup of the Internet as anything else, so make sure to be aware of how your advertising may come across. If it looks low quality or suspicious, it will turn off potential clients. So spend the extra time creating a polished and uniform advertising style.


Research what people who use your type of service or product are searching, then use those words. Google has some excellent tools to help you with this. They use trends and related search results to point their browser users in the direction of more content they may find interesting. You can even include some of these keywords in your own website. These keywords are also used by companies like Facebook and Instagram to show relevant advertising to people using their platforms.


We all know how terrifying criticism can be, especially on the Internet where the trolls are plentiful. No matter how scary, knowing what people are saying about you can be extremely helpful not only for improving your business, but for your digital marketing image. Reputation management can help maintain current clientele, and draw in new customers. If someone comments on your social media, or reviews you on a consumer reporting platform: Respond! You may be able to help someone solve a problem, fix a mistake, or incentivise other people to come to you for your services. This also helps to establish a stronger brand authority for your company.

The more willing you are to interact with your clients, the more likely they are to trust you and your company. Want more information about building a reputation online, blogging, and other business related tips? Check out more informative and brilliantly written content (yes, we are bragging) from Content Cucumber!

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