Hire a writer for $490/Month

Get a dedicated writer. Request written content. Make unlimited requests and revisions.

  • What Does $490/Month Get Me?

    Beyond providing a talented writer, a Content Cucumber subscription also provides an experience. We know that managing creative projects can be cumbersome (pun intended) so we designed an easy way to get a great writer!
  • How Many Articles Can I get in a Month?

    Our service allows you to queue up unlimited requests...but do remember that your writer is only human! Your writer will be dedicating time to your projects every business day, so as long as you keep your queue full, you can expect enough output to turn any small or medium-sized business into a content powerhouse. Agencies and enterprises can inquire about custom projects by scheduling a call with Isaac, our Co-founder and Creative Director.

  • Who Chooses the Topics?

    You do! Your writer can definitely pitch in with ideas, but we encourage clients to provide some collaborative input, as this results in the best, most authentically interesting content.

  • What Can Content Cucumber Write About?

    The most common requests we receive are for blogs and email newsletters. Because of this, those are the content formats our writers have the most experience with. However, our team is full of smart and creative people who are always eager to take on a new challenge. A good rule to follow: if you need something a bit unconventional, just ask your writer what they think is feasible. They’re the real on-the-ground experts, and they’ll give you an honest answer! If you are not a client and would like to discuss what a special project might look like, we recommend scheduling a call with Chris, our Co-Founder and Onboarding Specialist.

  • How Do the Copyrights Work?

    You are the owner of all creative work produced by Content Cucumber. You can publish it, sell it, distribute it, etc. however you wish. Work is typically delivered as a dynamic Google Docs file, which makes further revisions and collaboration easy!

  • How do I Request a Revision?

    Good custom content is a collaborative process, and sometimes writers and clients don’t see eye to eye on the first draft. That’s OK - in fact, it’s an important part of the process. That’s why we offer free, unlimited revisions.You can request a revision in one of 3 ways. 1. Ask your writer in the comment thread of the original request. 2. Submit a new request explaining that you want a revision and providing feedback. 3. Send an email to your writers’ @contentucumber email.

  • What Exactly Does the 15-Day Guarantee Mean?

    Because Content Cucumber is intended to be a creative experience, we don’t believe that giving away sample articles is the best way to show potential customers what being a Client Cucumber is really like. That’s why we offer a 15-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. This lets you try the service risk-free for two weeks, and then decide if we provided what you are looking for. If you’re not happy with the service, just let us know and we will refund the full amount paid.