Happy Fourth of July!

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Published July 4, 2020

Written by Sarah Reynolds

As we celebrate this weekend, many of us will be firing up the grill and making some delicious backyard treats for ourselves and our loved ones. While most of us have probably grilled a few burgers and brats over the course of our lives, there are a lot more tasty…

7 Uses for Cucumbers You Haven’t Heard of Before

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Published July 3, 2020

Written by Kristine Cameron

Frequently used in both salons and salads, cucumbers are known for being a pretty versatile fruit. They’re hydrating, refreshing, low-calorie, and high in several vitamins and minerals, making them an ideal choice for a healthy snack or a soothing face mask. Cucumbers are also surprisingly easy to grow in a…

How To Talk To Someone Who Is Grieving

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Published July 2, 2020

Written by Lauren Mark

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a difficult time for everyone, from families who have lost loved ones to the rising number of people who have lost their jobs to the students who have missed out on their graduations. We’re grieving people, experiences, and opportunities, and it is painful….

Why Are We Obsessed With Being Right?

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Published July 1, 2020

Written by Rashida Beal

As a mixed-race, black and white, female I meet many people who do not share my experiences or perspective. I often encounter behaviors and conversations that are downright offensive to me, my family, or my community. Especially in light of the current battle for equality and fair treatment, I would…

How COVID-19 is Impacting the Influencer Industry

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Published June 29, 2020

Written by Kristine Cameron

With the global pandemic causing many countries to go into lockdown, many influencers were left grasping at straws for new marketing ideas. Unable to travel, attend events, or try out new restaurants and attractions, some influencers have been struggling to maintain brand collaborations and create fresh content. In order to…