What’s New in SEO in 2019?

In 2018, Google reigned as the Search King and kept the SEO community hanging on its every word and update. No one can predict the future, but it’s fair to expect a many notable trends from 2018 to survive into 2019. We’ve got a list of a few things we’re keeping our eyes on in the near future. We hope you consider paying attention, as well.

1. Mobile Indexing

Google’s new preference for mobile indexing, which took effect early last year, is a big deal for websites and blogs that haven’t invested sufficient time and effort into their mobile designs and interfaces. Google now defaults to the mobile versions of websites when indexing pages for search results.

This means if a site’s mobile version runs slowly, is filled with broken code or delivers a bad overall user experience, it’s going to be severely penalized in areas where it may have slipped by in the past.

2. Load Times

In 2018, Google definitely decided it wouldn’t keep its users waiting. In addition to optimization, page speed is now a big part of how Google analyzes and ranks pages. Google draws its page-speed data from actual user experiences in the Chrome browser. So if your customers experience lags when accessing your site, your page ranks will suffer.

3. Optimize for Amazon

Over half of online shoppers begin their journey directly on Amazon, instead of starting with a search engine. Therefore, you should optimize your listings and products for two platforms instead of one. Like Google, Amazon uses an algorithm for its search results, but they’re not the same.

A winning Amazon strategy includes plenty of keyword research, high-quality images for your listings, and product descriptions that clarify and inform in as few words as possible.

4. Voice Search

Hey Siri: Please show people my website when they use your voice-search capabilities. Voice recognition doesn’t rule the roost of searches just yet. In fact, far from it, but the technology grows by leaps and bounds in capacity and popularity every year.

Many companies that decide it isn’t worth the effort may regret that decision when they’re lagging behind in voice-powered searches -- think Blockbuster Video ignoring the threat of Netflix. If you’re looking to play the long game and sneak up on your competition before defeating them, preparing for the rise of voice searches is a good bet.  

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