Building Brand Authority In The Online World

Categories: Brand Authority, SEO
Published June 20, 2018

Written by Content Cucumber

Brand authority is about far more than just “image control.” It is the culmination of excellent customer service, uncompromising business ethics, and, of course, effective message-sharing. When people consider you the “go-to” company for your particular product, then you’ve got brand authority. This can be hard to measure with any single objective number or metric — but it’s paramount to success,…

5 Ways Websites Kill Their Search Engine Ranking

Categories: SEO
Published May 30, 2018

Written by Content Cucumber

With the average cost of Google Adwords nearing two dollars per click, organic search engine traffic is more valuable than ever. Is your website committing any of these all-too-common SEO mistakes? 1. OUTDATED SECURITY Google is working hard to make the internet more secure, and one important step they’ve taken to accomplish this is prioritizing websites that feature HTTPS encryption….

Is Your SEO Strategy From 2008 Or 2018?

Categories: Content Marketing, SEO
Published April 18, 2018

Written by Content Cucumber

Many tech experts consider Google’s algorithm-learning AI RankBrain the most powerful artificial intelligence system in human history. Nonetheless, countless business owners and self-proclaimed marketing gurus hold themselves back by using grossly outdated SEO strategies. Let’s take a quick look at the SEO writing strategies that actually work in 2018 — and which ones don’t. METRICS THAT MATTER IN 2018 Here are some…