Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer science fiction. It has become a behemoth in the marketing field, challenging how we provide and use content daily. You may wonder: How will AI affect your content marketing strategy? What kinds of AI-based tools have emerged to create change in the marketing industry? What is AI in Content Marketing? First, let’s define AI….

Is Your SEO Strategy From 2008 Or 2018?

Categories: Content Marketing, SEO
Published April 18, 2018

Written by Content Cucumber

Many tech experts consider Google’s algorithm-learning AI RankBrain the most powerful artificial intelligence system in human history. Nonetheless, countless business owners and self-proclaimed marketing gurus hold themselves back by using grossly outdated SEO strategies. Let’s take a quick look at the SEO writing strategies that actually work in 2018 — and which ones don’t. METRICS THAT MATTER IN 2018 Here are some…