One of the most efficient ways to increase your company’s reach, your number of website visitors, and your profitability is to include a blog on your website. The benefits of incorporating a blog speak for themselves: 57% of marketers report that they have gained new customers through website blogs, and businesses with blogs can receive as many as 55% more…

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Why write a blog?

Published October 2, 2019

Written by Content Cucumber

In this day and age of social media and other emerging novelty platforms, it’s hard to make your business stand out. Blogging may seem outdated, but it is still a useful tool if you are blogging for business. In fact, according to HubSpot, companies received a 55% increase in visitors when they blogged frequently.  Blogs remain a powerful tool to…

Why Do I Write Blogs?

Categories: Writing
Published August 13, 2019

Written by Content Cucumber

People read blogs for countless reasons, from learning a new skill to trying to win an argument on Twitter. But have you ever stopped to think about why people write blogs?

The Story of Wojtek: A Courageous Soldier and Gentle Giant

Categories: Writing
Published August 7, 2019

Written by Content Cucumber

Today, I’d like to share the compelling tale of a rather unusual World War II veteran who served in the Polish II Corps. From the time he was enlisted in the army to the day he retired to the Edinburgh Zoo, his presence lifted the spirits of everyone he encountered. Although his life came to an end when he was just 21 years old, Wojtek the soldier bear left behind a legacy that should be shared for generations to come.

How to Develop a Strong Brand Voice

Categories: Brand Authority, Writing
Published July 19, 2019

Written by Content Cucumber

Creating a consistent brand voice tends to be a pretty low priority for most businesses: if it’s even a priority at all. Business professionals can sometimes make the common mistake of thinking that a “brand voice” is just another term for marketing or social selling, but this misconception can lead to trouble as their companies grow.

How to Write a Product Description That Doesn’t Suck

Categories: Marketing, Writing
Published June 27, 2019

Written by Content Cucumber

People tend to be pretty unimaginative with product descriptions. The standard outline is a quick bullet-point list that highlights the product’s main specs. And while that’s a good start, it’s not going to boost your site’s SEO power or convert more customers. It’ll just be another unremarkable list in the vast sea of lackluster product descriptions.

7 Unconventional Ideas for Using Content Cucumber

Published June 14, 2019

Written by Content Cucumber

Content Cucumber is known for creating high-quality blog posts, but our writing services extend far beyond producing standard 800-word articles. If you want to update any area of your website with new content, our writers are more than happy to help your site gain the attention it deserves!

The Origin of Writing: From Cave Art to Blogs

Published June 12, 2019

Written by Content Cucumber

The deep-rooted human desire to share stories and communicate our unique perspectives with each other is by no means a recent phenomenon. Our intrinsic appreciation for creativity and connection stretches all the way back to the dawn of mankind. In fact, historians believe that writing was one of the very first skills that humans acquired tens of thousands of years ago.

Fake News: How Does It Affect Us?

Categories: Social Media, Writing
Published May 30, 2019

Written by Content Cucumber

In a world of clickbait articles and sensationalized reports, it can be easy for people to dismiss any information they don’t agree with as “fake news.” Although there are sources that may be more credible than others (your local news channel vs. your Facebook feed, for instance), the widespread distrust of the news media in general has made it increasingly difficult for our nation to effectively communicate about issues that impact all of us.