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When it comes to marketing your brand, creating a blog with relevant content is key. Companies that provide high-quality content through blog posts receive 97% more links to their website than those who do not, and blog posts are the most shared online content, allowing businesses who blog to see more leads, conversions, and loyal customers. Although many ecommerce businesses…

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Fake News: How Does It Affect Us?

Categories: Social Media, Writing
Published May 30, 2019

Written by Content Cucumber

In a world of clickbait articles and sensationalized reports, it can be easy for people to dismiss any information they don’t agree with as “fake news.” Although there are sources that may be more credible than others (your local news channel vs. your Facebook feed, for instance), the widespread distrust of the news media in general has made it increasingly difficult for our nation to effectively communicate about issues that impact all of us.

Kittens, the Internet, and Kittens on the Internet

Categories: Social Media, Writing
Published May 23, 2019

Written by Content Cucumber

Full disclosure: this article is going to discuss the grammar of online content. I know this doesn’t quite meet Buzzfeed levels of entertainment, but I firmly believe that everyone who uses the internet desperately needs to brush up on their writing skills. Also, in a sincere effort to make this dry topic a little more appealing, I’ve included some photos of adorable kittens to illustrate my points.

Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Categories: Business, Social Media
Published March 27, 2019

Written by Content Cucumber

Most small business owners know that social media can be a powerful marketing tool, but you might still have questions about how to get started: How can you devote time to social media while you’re putting in countless hours for your startup? How do you come up with new ideas for content? What social media platforms should your business use?…