Are Seth Godin and Neil Patel the Same Person?

Categories: Business, Shoutouts
Published May 8, 2019

Written by Content Cucumber

Think about it. Godin and Patel are both bald marketing geniuses. They share similar passions and strive to inspire entrepreneurs around the globe. But do you ever wonder how they achieved such success? Or why these like-minded marketers have never collaborated together on a project? The only logical explanation for their combined success is that they are secretly the same…

Ecosia: A Search Engine That’s Changing the World

Categories: Shoutouts
Published April 12, 2019

Written by Content Cucumber

“Make the internet a better place” is our credo here at Content Cucumber — a mission that we work to achieve by writing content that is engaging and accurate. By doing this, we hope to fight back against misinformation and low-quality content, which are both far too common on the web. We also know we can use our voice to…