Customer conversion is the key to sales, and more website traffic equals more chances to convert. Luckily, we have a golden ticket for website conversion.

Christmas is just around the corner, but have you considered National Flashlight Day, instead?

Many content marketing channels have declared content is king. They also mention optimizing your website for the user experience (UX). However, they never fully explore what UX means for content marketing. In the time of Seamless deliveries and online workout classes, people have higher expectations for amazing user experiences. Using UX design with your content marketing is important. Adobe reports…

Are you thinking of starting a new blog for your business? Has your blog been sitting stagnant on your website, gathering dust and cobwebs? What if we told you that there are ways to get more traffic to your blog? Get serious about growing blog traffic because blogging is more powerful than ever. Over 4.4 million blog posts are published…

5 Content Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

Published October 23, 2019

Written by Content Cucumber

Content is king for an important reason. About 74% of businesses gain more leads with content marketing strategies. Creating content is even more important during the holiday seasons when marketers know a marketing strategy can make or break the holiday season. A holiday content marketing plan starts with keeping the right business goals in mind and creating great content. Here…

You’ve got the blog. You’ve got the business. Now it’s time to take advantage of an active comment section. But how do you get one started?

Videos, writing, images and social media: the four main types of content and why you should be using them.

While most small business owners know the importance of incorporating a blog on their website, staying active on social media, and creating content for their followers and email subscribers, there are some pitfalls that prevent them from making the most of their content creation. If you want to take advantage of the benefits of content marketing, you should make sure…

Learn what content writers do and how they can help your business engage with your target audience!

Effective Keyword Research Tips for 2019

Categories: Content Marketing, SEO
Published April 26, 2019

Written by Content Cucumber

It’s no question that Google can significantly impact the overall success of any small business, so entrepreneurs often spend hours revising their SEO strategies in an effort to land their website on that coveted first page of results. However, Google’s algorithm changes about 500-600 times a year; how is a startup supposed to keep up with these constant updates? In short, choosing…