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The Ugly Side of Content Marketing

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Published November 13, 2019

Written by Jelene Juario

Today, it’s getting tougher and more competitive to buy attention.  Many businesses send out email newsletters and post on Facebook pages. Others post press releases disguised as blogs. But none of them are generating the traffic and leads. It’s time to face it: There’s a problem with your content. Content…

Want Better Content? UX Design Will Help You Get There

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Published November 6, 2019

Written by Jelene Juario

Many content marketing channels have declared content is king. They also mention optimizing your website for the user experience (UX). However, they never fully explore what UX means for content marketing. In the time of Seamless deliveries and online workout classes, people have higher expectations for amazing user experiences. Using…

4 Things About Growing Blog Traffic That You’ll Kick Yourself for Not Knowing

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Published October 30, 2019

Written by Jelene Juario

Are you thinking of starting a new blog for your business? Has your blog been sitting stagnant on your website, gathering dust and cobwebs? What if we told you that there are ways to get more traffic to your blog? Get serious about growing blog traffic because blogging is more…

5 Content Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

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Published October 23, 2019

Written by Jelene Juario

Content is king for an important reason. About 74% of businesses gain more leads with content marketing strategies. Creating content is even more important during the holiday seasons when marketers know a marketing strategy can make or break the holiday season. A holiday content marketing plan starts with keeping the…

How AI Impacts Content Marketing

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Published October 18, 2019

Written by Jelene Juario

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer science fiction. It has become a behemoth in the marketing field, challenging how we provide and use content daily. You may wonder: How will AI affect your content marketing strategy? What kinds of AI-based tools have emerged to create change in the marketing industry?…

How to Define Your Online Audience

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Published October 9, 2019

Written by Jelene Juario

Understanding your online audience is an important step in reaching marketing success. To be successful though, you need to know your online audience. Good content means knowing how to target your content properly for your online audience. This post will teach the steps to define your online audience. Why Is…