With the global pandemic causing many countries to go into lockdown, many influencers were left grasping at straws for new marketing ideas. Unable to travel, attend events, or try out new restaurants and attractions, some influencers have been struggling to maintain brand collaborations and create fresh content. In order to keep their audiences engaged, social media stars have had to get pretty creative.

How are influencers still effective during COVID-19?

If you look at most micro-influencers on any social platform, you’ll likely notice that their posts over the past few months have seemed more authentic, relatable, and achievable. Instead of flaunting new wardrobes on tropical beaches, internet stars are sharing the more personal aspects of their lives while promoting relevant brands that can help people during the pandemic.

For example, many have partnered with online therapy services, such as BetterHelp, to help followers who may be feeling increasingly depressed and anxious as social distancing continues to affect their daily lives.

Unforeseen benefits for influencers

Popular social media bloggers may post gorgeous photos and exciting stories for their followers to enjoy, but it isn’t as glamorous as it appears on your Instagram feed. They’re often bound to strict contracts to stay “on brand,” regardless of their personal situations, and many find themselves overworked. These pressures have eased during COVID-19. Most influencers are appreciative of the chance to relax and discuss relevant topics and resources with their audiences.

Kate Spiers, a lifestyle influencer who has been blogging for over a decade, says that COVID-19 has actually helped her and other bloggers. “For a lot of us, it’s worked in our favor,” Spiers says. “Our readers have more time to keep up with and engage with our content.”

Judy Kim, a recipe developer in New York, echoes Spiers’ statement. “The pandemic made me realize how unsustainable past work habits have been,” explains Kim. “I appreciate living slower and cooking comfort food.” Additionally, Kim has decided to launch a new business featuring a DIY cookie kit, which was something she had been putting off. She will be donating all the proceeds to local charities.

Future of influencer marketing

Although there is no predictable end in sight regarding COVID-19, brands and influencers alike are optimistic about the future of internet-based marketing. As long as the focus is on promoting relevant services that can help people during this time, rather than just making a profit, influencer marketing will continue to be a useful advertising strategy for all kinds of businesses.

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