While the coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on businesses spanning a variety of industries, it hasn’t stopped them from stepping up and making the most out of a tough situation.

Transitioning to remote work and online events has proved challenging for many businesses. However, there are several businesses that rose to the occasion and have come out on top.

Working from home: Facebook and Twitter

As far as social media platforms go, Facebook and Twitter are two of the biggest and most well-known platforms in the world. Between the two platforms, billions of people are able to stay connected with each other every single day, and they are each constantly striving to stay on top of trends and technology available to make their platforms better. Just like they’re quick to improve their user experience, they were quick to act when initial fears and research about COVID-19 started hitting the news.

Facebook, which was one of the first social media platforms to encourage employees to work from home, has canceled in-person conferences in favor of online conferences through June 2021 and maintains that most employees will be able to work from home through the end of 2020.

Twitter has also canceled in-person conferences, though only through the end of 2020. Twitter also recently announced that employees will be able to work from home indefinitely, even when this pandemic is over. Pulling this off is no small feat, but Twitter thinks their team is up for the challenge.

This reflects a conversation that is becoming more and more common for many companies: when we can return to the office, do we make everyone come back, or do we let the last few months of working from home impact our policies going forward?

Boosting online engagement: MLS and NWSL

Just because sports are canceled does not mean the fans are too. Different sports franchises from the NBA to NASCAR have had to come up with creative solutions to keep their fans engaged even when all of their sporting events are postponed indefinitely.

Two professional soccer organizations, Major League Soccer (MLS) and the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) have championed this front by going above and beyond to connect with fans online.

MLS players partnered with esports players to compete in the eMLS Tournament Special, a virtual tournament for fans to stream that emulates five MLS matches. Complete with commentary from Fox Sports commentators, this nationally televised virtual event gives thousands of soccer fans a taste of the real thing.

In their efforts to connect with fans online, the NWSL has also planned several online events, none more successful than a Virtual Tailgate and a Virtual Kit Launch conducted by the NWSL’s Chicago Red Stars. These events, held over Zoom, featured activities, Q&A, competitions with current players, opportunities for fans to connect with one another, and a surprise visit from the NWSL commissioner.

The virtual tailgate, which was held on the same day as what was supposed to be the team’s home opener, helped hundreds of fans feel a sense of team pride, connection, and camaraderie, even though they were online.

These companies have done a great job of allowing employees to work from home and using online events to connect with their target audience!

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