In the 2013 romantic comedy About Time, the main character finds out his date works as a reader for a publishing company. After coming to this realization, he jokes, “But when you’re doing normal reading, is it ruined because it’s your job?… When you read a newspaper, do you think, ‘Forget this, it’s work’?”

While these lines are meant to be humorous, they actually carry a hint of truth. Take it from Andrew Rea, an enthusiastic home cook and filmmaker known for his YouTube channel Binging with Babish, which has inspired millions of people to tackle pop-culture recipes at home.

Although Rea has made a career out of his passion for cooking, Rea notes that when he comes home after a long day of cooking for work, cooking for himself is “generally not something that I want to get into at that point.” He usually opts for takeout or leftovers from his earlier shoots.

Rea is not alone; many people who have the ability to do what they love for a living often keep that passion restricted to their professional life.

Bayaar Lo-Borjiged, CEO of Skull Fire Games LLC and Director of Video Gaming at Anime USA, claims that many video game testers lack the desire to play video games for fun after work. Lo-Borjiged notes that it is “not uncommon” for quality assurance testers to test games for 24 hour stretches at a time, so when they are home, playing video games is the last thing they want to do.

This sentiment is echoed by Carla Lyles, founder of Carla Sue Greeting Cards and Gifts. While Lyles initially thought her business would allow her to “dive into her hobby all day long,” she actually found that she lacks the time and energy to create for fun.

However, just because you spend your workday doing something you love doesn’t mean you have to give up that passion outside of work. Here are a few ways to keep your hobbies fun!

Prioritize your own projects

One tactic that many professionals use in order to keep their hobbies fun is to make sure that they put their own projects first. Rather than jumping right into a client’s project, it is important for people to schedule a time to enjoy their hobby before they have to handle the more tedious or draining aspects of their job.

Try something new

While it might become boring to do the same activity at work day in and day out, professionals can prevent themselves from losing interest in their passions by always looking for opportunities for something new.

For instance, a professional photographer that specializes in taking portraits can help keep their hobby fresh by trying out different photo styles outside of work like fashion photography or architectural photography.

With these steps in mind, it might be possible for professionals to still enjoy their passions, even after making a career out of them.

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