Quarantine is necessary, but it’s tough. Without the normal patterns of social interaction like work, school, and extracurriculars, it is easy to feel bored and isolated.

No fear, the internet is here!

It’s 2020, so technology is one thing we have on our side. While you can’t go out and meet friends, there are still tons of ways to party via the internet. Here are some we recommend trying.


Zoom is a top video conferencing app typically used for work meetings and webinars. While it is still being used for remote work during these times, it has taken off as one of the top party spots. With the free version of Zoom, you can host up to 100 participants, making it easy to connect with all of your friends or join a party to meet new people.

Netflix Party

There’s nothing like a good movie night with all your friends, but that can look a little different when you’re sheltering at home. Luckily, Netflix has a way you can still watch movies with your friends as you each munch on your own unique popcorn flavor. Netflix Party is a free chrome extension that allows multiple Netflix users to sync and watch movies together. Grab your snacks and hope on Netflix Party to enjoy the latest shows or movies with your friends. It’s a great way to feel connected while binging and gives you all something fun to talk about!

Live Events

While you can’t attend many of your favorite events or visit your favorite spots, there are so many live, streamable events happening online. Many different gyms, personal trainers, coaches, and more are hosting events on social media that you can join or follow along. The same goes for many other kinds of live events too, with comedians doing special quarantine series and musicians live-streaming jam sessions together. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube all have live features with events streaming daily, so take a look and see when your favorite people are going live!

Game Platforms

Club Penguin is not dead! Another great way to socialize is to join an online party in a game. Club Penguin has made its resurge. Whether you want to relive your middle school days or are just bored, Club Penguin is an easy way to pass the time, chat with friends, and meet new people from around the world.

Hosting an Online Party

Now it’s your turn! Plan the next popping online party. Here are some simple tips for hosting an online party you and your friends will love.

  • Choose your platform. Select a platform that works best for you and your party attendees. Zoom is a very popular choice, but you could also pick from Google Hangouts, FaceTime, Snapchat, and more.
  • Pick a theme. Give people a reason to dress up or to do something that spices up their quarantine routine. Think outside of the box and choose a fun, creative theme that’s easy for anyone to do.
  • Hype it up. The more the merrier! Get the buzz going around your party by texting your friends and posting it on your social media even a few days in advance. Let people know all the details including when, where, and how to join your party.
  • Get the goods. No party is complete without snacks and drinks. Gather your favorite quarantine snacks and set yourself up for a fun night.
  • Go live! Just have fun with it. Enjoy your new type of party. Take turns playing music, play some classic games like truth and dare, and just enjoy each other’s (virtual) company.

Online parties are a fun, safe way to connect with your friends and new people. Take the party to the internet and soak up some social interaction.

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