Whether you’re staying at home by choice or you’re in a state with a shelter-at-home order, chances are, you’re starting to feel a little bit stir crazy from sheltering at home for so long. So, we thought we would find a way to help!

We are starting a week-long series of cures for cabin fever, and today’s focus is on things you can do to improve your life without having to leave the house!

Deep clean everything

Did you know that you’re supposed to clean your washing machine? What about your dishwasher, microwave, and oven? Of course, that’s assuming you’ve already gotten so bored that you broke out the carpet cleaner and went through the pantry.

All you need to clean most of these things is some white vinegar, hot water, and time, so if you’ve got those things you’re good to go! Otherwise, you can try using baking soda to scrub down your stainless steel or break out the dish soap to get all your glass squeaky clean.

If you’re out of white vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap… we’re sorry. You probably actually do need to run to the store (then go straight back to sheltering at home).

Organize your paperwork

Do you know where your Social Security card is? What about your vehicle registration? This is a great task to do with one of your favorite albums on shuffle. Pull out all the paperwork that’s been put in bins, boxes, and drawers and reorganize it with things you have so you can actually find what you need when you need it.

Don’t have a filing cabinet? No problem! Consider using some folders, binders, or trays to create a system that works for you.

If you honestly have no way to reorganize them, this is still a great time to go through and see what you have that can be thrown out, shredded, or digitized so it isn’t one more piece of paper that is cluttering up your space. Oh, and while we’re talking about paperwork…

File your taxes

The deadline may have gotten pushed back, but this will still be a great weight to get off your shoulders if you haven’t filed yet! Download a scanner app and send your paperwork to your accountant, log onto TurboTax and finish it all in one go, or go onto QuickBooks and start figuring out filing as a business. Whatever you may be filing as this year, it must be done, and you’ll feel better about binge-watching your favorite Netflix show after it’s done.

Finish those audiobooks

Have you ever gotten halfway through an audiobook, then gotten a new audiobook, and then been distracted by said audiobook? Maybe you didn’t even get that far, and downloaded an audiobook thinking about how much it would improve your life to read it, only to immediately forget that it was there?

Now’s the time to finish them off. Start with the one that will take the least time to finish, and enjoy the satisfaction of tracking every single one in GoodReads so your friends can see how amazingly productive you’re being.

Use up your craft supplies.

From experienced knitters going through their yarn stash to those of us that thought we would be totally awesome at calligraphy and got all the equipment and then decided it was too much work, chances are there are some crafting materials somewhere in your home that have gone unused.

Now is a great time to break them out!

Check out some tutorials on YouTube, find a new pattern to try, and start using up the craft supplies that have gone untouched for too long. You’ll be developing a hobby and decluttering, all at the same time! Look at you multitasking while catching up on all your favorite shows.

Look at you, sheltering at home and improving your life! We’re proud of you.

Published by Sarah Reynolds

I am Content Cucumber's Digital Marketing Specialist, and I enjoy writing about all things minimalism, mindfulness, and making the world a better place through better individual choices. I can usually be found working right next to my 12-pound terrier puppy somewhere in the Chicago suburbs. I love coffee and tea, visiting the library, and making music on my electric piano and my 12-string acoustic-electric guitar.

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