Are you searching for something new and exciting to add to your content writing strategy this month? You’re sure to find your perfect match with one of these content marketing trends! 

3. Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing can take place in several forms, such as email marketing, Facebook chat, chatbots, and live customer support. The goal of conversational marketing is to interact with customers using personal, one-on-one conversations to provide them with the exact information they need. CNN, for example, has a chatbot on their website that can provide users with tailored recommendations based on their personal interests. A site visitor simply types in a topic they want to learn more about, and the chatbot will send back a list of relevant news stories. Not only is this quick and convenient for users, but the use of conversational marketing allows CNN to collect helpful data with each new user.

2. Reactive Posts

Before we delve into reactive content, keep in mind that planning ahead is an essential part of a successful content marketing strategy. Marketers need to stay on top of relevant search terms, prepare topics for future blog posts, and be aware of common questions from their audience. 

That being said, creating reactive content is one of those rare instances where spontaneity can be a major asset for your business. For instance, when a new topic starts gaining traction on Twitter, creating a reaction post to it as soon as possible is a great way to increase interaction and reach far beyond your current followers. As more users search for the trending hashtag, they’ll be more likely to find your post and share it on their own pages! Although it’s not practical to constantly monitor social media platforms for new discussions, it’s well worth it to post reactive content occasionally (especially if the post is witty or humorous).

1. Activism

According to, 72% of Americans say that it’s important to buy from brands that share their values, and nearly 86% of consumers state that they’re more likely to buy from purpose-driven companies. Creating content that you’re passionate about can help you connect with other activists while sparking discussions with a wider audience. For example, when clothing brand Aerie first launched its body positivity campaign, the ads spread like wildfire. People praised the company for portraying women of all sizes, as well as Aerie’s commitment to stop retouching photos of their models to make them appear thinner or erase perceived “flaws.” The refreshing authenticity helped the brand gain new followers, inspire loyal customers, and spark a positive change on social media. Now that’s an amazing marketing campaign!

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