Resolutions are a great way to get the new year off to a strong start. When you make personal resolutions, whether these include getting in shape, reading more books, or drinking more water, they give you a specific goal and allow you to hold yourself accountable as you journey throughout the year. 

The same way that you can benefit from coming up with your own New Year’s resolutions, your ecommerce business can benefit from setting resolutions as well.

In 2020, help your ecommerce business grow and get off on the right track with these four New Year’s resolutions:

Resolution #1: Provide a better shopping experience

When it comes to growing your business, the customer is key. In 2020, vow to take better care of your customers by providing them with better customer service and a better online shopping experience.

In order to improve your customers’ experiences with your brand, there are a few factors you should consider:

  • Customer service:  Your customers should have a hassle-free way to communicate any issues or concerns they might have, and they should not have to wait a long time to hear from you
  • User experience: Both your mobile and desktop users should be able to navigate your website and find the products and services they need quickly and with ease.
  • Feedback: Actively seeking out feedback through “How can we do better?” surveys and review forms will show you areas where you are missing the mark so that you can make positive changes.

This year, treat your customers like they are the most valuable part of your business, and you will see an increase in customer loyalty as well as lifelong and repeat customers.

Actionable step: Reduce your customer service response time.

Put a system in place to respond to all of your customers’ emails within 24 hours and their social media concerns within one hour.

Resolution #2: Stay more active on social media

Social media sites help ecommerce businesses across the globe improve the way they are able to reach consumers, market products toward their target audience, and interact with their customers. With over 3 billion social network users worldwide, your business should aim to be more active on social media this year.

There are numerous benefits to increasing your social media activity:

  • Customer service: Roughly 67% of consumers use social media sites to express and try to resolve issues. By staying active on social media, you can stay privy to your customer’s concerns and address them quickly.
  • Metrics: Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram offer valuable insights that will help you track consumer engagement
  • Engagement: Social networking sites make it easy for consumers to view, like, and share your posts and videos, allowing them to interact with and become familiar with your brand

You can help your business expand its reach like never before when you choose to increase your social media presence in 2020.

Actionable step: Diversify your content.

This year, switch things up and create shoppable stories on Instagram and Facebook, blog posts, infographics, videos, quote images, and polls on your social media platforms. Do not forget to write captivating captions for your content!

Resolution #3: Make data-driven decisions

In 2020, vow to collect and analyze more data so that you can make data-driven decisions to help your business. Track key metrics, pinpoint issues on your website, and make changes accordingly.

Is your cart abandonment rate high? See how you can lower it by adjusting your shipping options. Is your website’s bounce rate not up to par? Try lowering your loading speed or changing your website’s navigation tools.

Make decisions that you know will help your business by using data and analytics to guide and support your choices.

Actionable step: Track a new metric.

Choose one metric that you have not previously considered and make sure to track it this year. As you track this data, make sure to make any changes necessary to improve this metric.

Resolution #4: Build your team

Teamwork makes the dream work! Your business would not be able to grow without the hard work and support of your team of employees. 

This year, make sure that everyone is on the same page and feels like a valued part of your team. This will help every member of your team feel invested in your business and determined to help it grow.

Take time to seek feedback and listen to members of your team, collectively come up with best practices for communication, and work toward building a work culture that your team is proud to be a part of year after year.

Actionable step: Share your resolutions with your team!

Nothing will help your team feel like they are on the same page than a clear mission, vision, and set of goals. Share your resolutions with your team so that everyone can work toward a collective goal.

Resolution #5: Step up your content

There are a host of benefits to providing your customers with great content on a regular basis. This new year, try out some new content marketing ideas and make your blog and email newsletters a priority.

Actionable step: Hire a content writer!

Try hiring a content writer through a service like Content Cucumber to manage your content and make sure you are posting relevant information for your audience. Content Cucumber has a team of professionals with the expertise and experience to help take your business’ blog posts, product descriptions, and social media posts to the next level. 

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