With millions of shoppers buying products online during the holidays, ecommerce businesses have the opportunity to gain new customers, reach a wider audience, and increase their profitability.

Even when these online shoppers visit a website without making a purchase, businesses can capitalize on the increase in website traffic by taking steps to help these consumers convert. When customers complete mini conversions like signing up for an email list or viewing a product page, they get one step closer to making a purchase, increasing their likelihood of doing so in the future.

Although any business owner can explain the importance of prioritizing their conversion rate. Whether they want consumers to convert by making a purchase, opting-in to an email newsletter, or downloading a file, ecommerce merchants know that improving their conversion rate means improving their bottom line.

However, many still struggle with how to actually make changes to their websites in order to actually gain more conversions, especially during the holiday season when the competition is strong.

If you dream about seeing an increase in conversions this holiday season, here are four steps your ecommerce business can take:

1. Create clear calls-to-action (CTAs)

If you have put a lot of work into your website, but your business’ conversion rate is still less than desirable, you might need to fix your calls-to-action. Every call-to-action button on your website should tell your website visitors the exact action that you would like for them to take, and they should use enticing language and offers to encourage these consumers to convert.

When your desired action is unclear or buried within a wall of text, consumers will have no idea what you would like for them to do. You need to make sure your consumers know how to convert if you would like to see your conversion rate improve.

Here are a few tips for creating an effective call-to-action:

  • Use strong verbs like “buy,” “order,” and “download” that show consumers the action you would like for them to take
  • Create a sense of urgency with key phrases like “while supplies last” and “for a limited time only”
  • Put your call-to-action in a noticeable location, preferably before the scroll line on your mobile site
  • Use font size and font colors that make your call-to-action stand out

Taking the time to create clear CTAs will make a huge difference when it comes to conversion.

2. Implement exit pop-ups

Whether you love the idea of including pop-ups on your site or you hate that pop-ups even exist, there is no denying that they are an effective tool for increasing conversions. Research shows that including certain types of pop-ups on an ecommerce site can convert up to 40% of a website’s visitors.

One of the most beneficial types of pop-ups are exit pop-ups, which show up when shoppers are about to leave a website. These pop-ups provide one last chance for businesses to reengage their website visitors and recommend a product, offer a discount, or ask for an email address before that shopper browses elsewhere.

If you have a high exit-rate and you want to turn those consumers into customers, you should start using exit pop-ups.

3. Test your website

The top way to make sure that your website is “conversion-friendly” is to test it. Try using A/B testing or multivariate testing to isolate different versions of your website and test them against your live traffic. 

These tests will help you see what is and is not working when it comes to gaining conversions so that you can make any necessary changes to your website. You can significantly improve your business’ conversion rate by testing your website using one of these methods.

4. Step up your content

If you have only been posting blogs or sending email newsletters once every blue moon, your conversion rate is probably suffering. Content leads to conversions, and this holiday season is the perfect time for you to reevaluate your content marketing strategy so that you are pushing out fresh content to your audience on a regular basis.

Your content helps online shoppers interact with your business and encourages them to make repeat visits to your website. Stepping up your content and posting it more frequently will make shoppers want to check out your blog, visit your website, and convert.

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