Freelance content writing offers great flexibility and allows many people to earn money doing something they enjoy. However, freelancing is no easy career. As a freelance writer, you must constantly source your own work, manage multiple projects at once, and be incredibly disciplined. Businesses now recognize the importance of content, like how site traffic is 7.8x higher for content marketing leaders, and are on the hunt for writers to create content. Many businesses now opt for content writing agencies because of the many advantages of these agencies. As a freelance writer, there are also many benefits to joining a content writing agency. If you have been struggling on your own, now may be the time. Here are the top signs you should say goodbye to freelancing and join a content writing agency. 

make more money as a freelance writer

You Want to Make More Money

The number one sign you need a content agency is that you are not making as much money as you would like to. Most freelancers earn less than $10,000 annually, which is on the low end even for a part-time job. As a freelancer, you must negotiate your own rate and source and manage your own projects. The end result is that you may not earn as much as you would like. Working with a content writing agency, you know the rates to expect for each project and are likely to get more steady work, which results in more money overall. 

You Aren’t Finding Enough Work

While many companies are looking for writers, many writers are looking for work. Open writing jobs are a hot commodity and do not last for long on popular job board sites like Craigslist, Blogging Pro, and Pro Blogger. By the time you find one that seems like a good fit, submit your resume and application, and send back the sample the job may already be filled. The freelance writing industry is only predicted to become more competitive. Time constantly spent on sourcing and applying for jobs that go like wildfire costs money and is very frustrating. Each content agency works differently, but at Content Cucumber, you receive steady clients and assignments and can spend more time writing and earning. 

bored as a freelance writer

You Are Bored

The average freelance writer works only 10 hours per week, and over half do not have another full-time or part-time job. You may be spending more time searching for work than actually working, which can certainly lead to boredom. Since writing for a content agency helps you get more steady work, it can also help keep you busier and less prone to boredom which will, in turn, help your writing stay fresh. Another source of boredom when writing is covering the same topics repeatedly. If you have gained expertise in certain areas, it may be easier to find jobs related to those topics. Writing for a content agency gives you the opportunity to work with a variety of clients and cover many new topics. 

The Job is Lonely 

As a freelancer working remotely, you may not have to leave your home at all on a given day. You are likely working alone while people come and go from their traditional jobs. Let’s face it. Sitting in a room alone can be very lonely. Working at a content writing agency is often remote as well, but the difference is that you have a team of talented, like-minded people to collaborate with and share ideas with. Stuck on an article? Ask a coworker for some advice. Want some feedback? Start a peer review. Content writing agencies are filled with other inspiring writers who are in it with you. Just having this virtual community can make writing feel a lot more inclusive and collaborative. 

You Are Struggling with Time Management as a Freelance Writer

Freelancing can be very chaotic. Trying to manage multiple clients and projects from different sources without a centralized platform is a nightmare. It is very easy to take on too much work without realizing it or to let an important due date slip to the background. As a freelancer, you are in complete control of your workload and deadlines, and this is not always a good thing. Even a highly organized freelancer may become overwhelmed and begin to struggle with time management.

Working at a content writing agency helps resolve this issue in many ways. First, you are held accountable by your coworkers, editor, or boss to make sure you submit articles on time. Additionally, you also have resources to help you should something come up or you begin to struggle. You have a whole team of writers who can step in and cover some articles while you catch up or attend to personal matters, and can then return to the work after. Most content writing agencies also have tools for communication and project management, which allows you to visualize deadlines and assignments all in one place. 

Why Do People Freelance Write Then?

If freelancing has so many challenges why do people do it? Freelancing is hard work, but it does have many advantages. Some of the things people like best about freelancing include:

  • Working from home or a place of their choosing
  • Setting their own schedule
  • Choosing the projects they want
  • Earning money from different sources

Many freelancers enjoy the freedom and comfort of working on their own. The best part about writing for a content agency like Content Cucumber is that none of that has to change. You can still enjoy working remotely and a flexible schedule, but as part of a supportive, creative team. Earn the ability to work directly with a diverse pool of clients and enjoy steady writing work. As part of our growing company, your input will be heard and you will have the chance to contribute directly to our company mission and culture. The best part? You do not need to give up freelancing. As a Cucumber, you will still have the time and ability to work as a freelance writer, but no longer need to depend on freelancing as your only source of writing work. 

We are always looking for talented, motivated writers to join our team. Learn more about Content Cucumber and inquire about becoming a writer by visiting our website.

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