After all of the hard work you put into making your Black Friday and Cyber Monday outreach a success, you might feel like you have finished a lot of the heavy lifting for the holiday season.

However, with Christmas on the horizon, the battle has just begun. While many consumers use Black Friday and Cyber Monday to get deals on Christmas gifts, roughly 50% of consumers finish their holiday shopping after December 3. If you want to capitalize on the new customers and momentum you gained this past weekend, you cannot afford to slow down your marketing and outreach tactics.

If you want to make the most of your Thanksgiving weekend growth and to prepare for the rest of the holiday season, you need to focus on your content marketing strategy.

Here are three reasons why your content is one of the most important tools you can use to gain and retain customers after Thanksgiving weekend:

1. Engage with new customers

Thanks to the great deals you offered this past Thanksgiving weekend, you have probably gained at least a few new email subscribers, social media followers, and customers. Now is the time to connect and engage with these new consumers and prove to them that your business has more to offer than Black Friday deals.

The best way to do this is to prioritize your content creation:

  • Send email newsletters with helpful tips and product recommendations, entertaining and engaging anecdotes, and discount codes.
  • Write blog posts that provide valuable and relevant content as well as information to help your new readers get to know your brand and your mission and vision.
  • Create useful and informative e-books that your new website visitors or email subscribers will want to download.
  • Post videos with helpful tips, Q&As, or behind the scenes content to your social media pages
  • Create a blog post, tweet, or video of the week that offer discounts or other perks in exchange for comments, likes, or shares on social media

However, you choose to set up your holiday content marketing strategy, keep in mind that your audience will include some new consumers that were originally attracted to your brand because of a discount or a deal. Providing content will help you retain these consumers as you head into the holiday season.

2. Stay relevant

The last thing you want is for a customer who was excited about your business during your Black Friday or Cyber Monday events to forget about your business by the time Christmas rolls around.

Producing content that is useful will help keep your readers and website browsers connected with your website so that when it is time for them to do their Christmas shopping, you are at the front of their minds.

This is why in addition to making sure that your content is useful and interesting, you should also make sure that you are sending out this content regularly. When customers know to expect a high-quality blog post every week, they will be more likely to visit your page regularly. Your email subscribers that know they will receive a weekly email will be more likely to open these emails and read what you have to say.

If you focus on creating great content and publishing it on a regular basis, you will keep both your new and your existing readers connected with your brand through the end of the holiday season and beyond.

3. Stay competitive

One of the most important reasons why you should prioritize your content creation after Thanksgiving weekend is because that is what your competitors will do.

With significant projections for ecommerce and mobile commerce during the holiday season, you run the risk of missing out on a lot of revenue if you are not creating content like your competitors. If your biggest competitors are sending out a weekly blog, highlighting new products, and sending out email newsletters frequently, they will capture the attention of your target audience.

Do not be the ecommerce retailer that does not reach out to consumers this holiday season. Make your holiday content marketing strategy a priority.

How Content Cucumber Can Help

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Your content writer will help you stay competitive this holiday season by using their extensive knowledge about writing and search engine optimization to create great content for your audience.

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