The ultimate goal of your business is to sell a product or service. In order to do that, you must convert website visitors into paying customers. The more organic traffic you have, the more chances you have to convert. But how do you boost organic website traffic?

Increasing organic traffic is a challenge all businesses are constantly seeking to conquer. Organic traffic describes those visitors who land on your site from unpaid search results, and organic search traffic is high-quality and sustainable. While there are many small things you can do to increase your website traffic, there is one holy-grail strategy for organically growing the traffic. In this post, we will explain exactly why content it the golden ticket for boosting website traffic. 

Content, Content, Content

When it comes to getting traffic, the sheer amount of content you have does matter. Producing more articles will help you boost traffic. You should consistently produce and publish content as often as possible. Typically, the more you post, the more traffic you will see. The exact frequency of blogs and content will depend on the size and manpower of your company. Smaller companies should aim for one to four times a week, while larger companies should be able to push out multiple posts per day. For all companies, planning is important for coordinating your content. You should create a content calendar to stay ahead of the curve. 

seo to boost website traffic

SEO to Increase Website Traffic

Blogs and other content are crucial for SEO of your website, which will help you increase visits. To maximize the SEO of your content, incorporate relevant, popular keywords. Add images as well as atl text descriptions to the images. Go back and update existing content to boost its effectiveness and gain more leads. 

Increasing Brand Awareness

Content also helps you build brand awareness, which will lead to more effective traffic. Make sure you post diverse content with useful information. Highlight and define your brand in different ways to your target audience. Content that focuses on brand awareness should be published less often than content designed for SEO. 

evergreen content website traffic
Evergreen Content Message, Evergreen Background and text Evergreen Content

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is your golden ticket to website traffic. This type of content stands the test of time and continues to drive traffic well after it is first published. Evergreen content is still SEO content, but it is highly sustainable and able to grow traffic over time. Checklists, tips, how-to content, product review, and informational videos are the prime format for evergreen content. To create evergreen content, you should try to address common questions or concerns of your target audience. Most likely, these topics will have already been covered hundreds of times. Put a unique twist on the topic and use less-competitive long-tail keywords for your content. 

Providing Value

When done right, your content will provide value to your target audience. Valuable, informative content is what will ultimately drive traffic and convert customers. When a new visitor stumbles upon your content and website, you have a limited amount of time to grab their attention. If your content is helpful and entertaining, the person will find it valuable and will be likely to look deeper into your website, return for more content, or even share the content with people they know. 

Quality Matters for Website Traffic

Just pushing out content may gain you some website traffic, but high-quality content writing is absolutely crucial for boosting traffic over time. Your content should not only be informative and interesting, but it should also be well-written. The organization, word choice, tone, and grammar of your content are all important and dictate the quality. 

The challenge? Consistently and frequently publishing high-quality content. With so many other daily business functions, many businesses simply do not have the time and resources to churn out incredible content on a frequent basis. It may be in your best interest to hire a content writer to help tackle content creation. Outsourcing your content will leave the writing to a professional while allowing your team to focus on all of the other aspects of your business. 

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