If you work in any kind of digital marketing, chances are you’ve heard of Traffic & Conversion Summit. This massive event in San Diego, California, pulls in industry professionals from marketing professionals to entrepreneurs who are looking to sharpen their skills and learn new tricks of the trade. If you are relatively new to the event, you may be wondering how to maximize your time there. Look no further! Here’s your no-nonsense guide to T&C.

Review the speakers and events beforehand

This isn’t one of those conferences where you show up and everyone follows the same path, goes to the same events, and learns the exact same things. Oh no, T&C features speakers and events from all angles of the industry, and to make the most of your time there you’ll want to review the agenda before you go. Think about what you really want to learn while you’re there, and plan to attend the pieces that will help you learn those things. 

Have all the note-taking options

No matter how big of a genius you are, you aren’t going to commit every little helpful detail you learn at the conference to memory. Come prepared with paper, multiple writing utensils, any digital devices you want to use to take notes, and chargers for those devices. Whatever note-taking style works best for you, make sure you have multiple versions of that in case one craps out. Pencils break, pens run out of ink, devices die. Be prepared.

The best time to get your ticket is yesterday

The early bird specials are a dream, but the price is only going up from here! Unlike many events that will have an early bird price they distribute privately and a higher price for the public, the Traffic & Conversion Summit has tiers of early bird prices that are better the sooner you get your ticket. Plan ahead for your event ticket, as well as travel and a place to stay, to get the best price.

Plan to meet with your team right after getting home… and taking a nap

T&C speakers will give you lots to implement, and they guarantee actionable concepts and practices that you and your team can start using immediately. Whether you have a group from your company in attendance or it’s just you out in San Diego, make a plan to meet with your core team as soon as possible afterward so you can start making changes based on what you learned. Just consider taking a nap first, so you can share all you learned in a way that makes sense.

Don’t be too uptight

We get it. It’s a lot of information and you don’t want to miss a second. Make sure you’re nice and chill for the nightly networking events though! Grab a drink or appetizer (or both!) and have some great conversations. Remember to get some contact information if you really hit it off with someone, so you can reconnect and possibly partner in the future! While talking about business is totally fine – it’s what we’re all there for – remember that networking is just as personal as it is professional.

So, are you ready?

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