When it comes to marketing your brand, creating a blog with relevant content is key. Companies that provide high-quality content through blog posts receive 97% more links to their website than those who do not, and blog posts are the most shared online content, allowing businesses who blog to see more leads, conversions, and loyal customers.

Although many ecommerce businesses know the importance of blogging, many do not know what to blog about. While it is important to tailor your posts to your audience, you should also try and offer content that is unique, fun, and engaging. When your audience realizes that your business can provide value while remaining interesting and relevant, they will be more likely to visit your site and share your content with others.

Here are seven ideas you should try to incorporate with your blog posts and your content marketing that will help you connect with your audience:

1. Interview a leader in your industry

A great way to show your target audience that you can provide value is to connect them with an expert or innovator within your industry. While it may be impossible for you to schedule a face-to-face between an industry leader and your clients, you can do the next best thing by posting an interview with an expert on your blog.

Research some of the top voices within your field, and try to set up an interview either in-person, on the phone, or by email. Once you have someone to interview, compile a list of some of the most relevant and frequently asked questions that your clients and target audience might want this leader to answer.

Create a blog post with these questions and the expert’s answers, and your readers will feel like they are receiving valuable information that they would not otherwise be able to find.

2. Answer a “Question of the Week”

Another way that your business can add value is to create a “Question of the Week” blog post or video. Using this content, you can provide answers to questions that are important to your audience, showing them that your business is relevant and has plenty to offer in addition to your products and services.

You can gather these questions using a few different methods:

  • Solicit questions in other blog posts. Cultivate an active comment section by encouraging your readers to post questions that you can answer them in future posts.
  • Check your contact form and emails. Often times your potential customers will reach out to you and ask questions.
  • Utilize your social media audience. Ask them to reply to your social media posts with questions. Create a Facebook or Twitter poll to get an idea of what ideas or questions are most important to your audience.
  • Research. Look online and search for the top questions asked by people within your industry.

Make sure to provide thorough, well-researched answers to these questions, and you will see that your customers will be more engaged when they interact with your brand.

3. Give readers a peek behind the scenes

Let your audience know more about the heart of your business and your company’s culture by providing them with behind the scenes photos and video clips.

Does your business have a fun activity or tradition that you partake in regularly? Are there any neat techniques that you use in order to create your products? Did you recently upgrade your office space? Did you host an event?

All of these events and updates provide great opportunities for you to show your audience engaging content and a different side of your brand.

4. Feature an employee or client

Everyone enjoys being celebrated. Take the time to acknowledge one of your employees that is truly going above and beyond for your clients. This will not only show your readers that you respect hard work, but it will also demonstrate that your employees care about your clients.

If you want to keep this content fresh, try switching between a featured employee and a featured client. When you write about a client, they will not only feel valued by your company, but they will also be likely to share a link to this content with their family, friends, or even playmakers within their industry.

5. Share a “Tip of the Day”

Add value and make sure your website visitors never forget about your brand by offering a tip of the day. Whether you make this into a short blog post, a quote image, a social media video, or some other form of content, a “Tip of the Day” allows you to share a small bit of helpful information with your audience.

6. Welcome guest writers

While it is important to develop your own unique voice for your brand, it is also nice to highlight other voices from time to time. A guest writer can capture your audience’s attention by providing a fresh perspective and a change of pace to your blog.

Find people who work within your industry and reach out to them about doing a guest blog post. Not only will this help step up the content on your blog, but it might also provide you with the opportunity to be a guest writer for their blog in the future, allowing you to expand your reach.

7. Rehash an old article

One of the easiest ways to step up your content marketing is to simply update an old article. Updating old articles can help you boost your SEO and your conversions. By making old posts more SEO-friendly, you will generate more traffic and increase your audience.

Check through your old blog posts and see if there are any articles where you can:

  • Provide updated information
  • Add keywords or other tools for SEO optimization
  • Offer a fresh perspective or new take on a topic

You can continue to reap benefits from old articles by making a few upgrades to these posts.

With these seven tips in mind, you can help take your blog posts to a new level. Help your audience engage with your brand by implementing these seven content marketing ideas.Content Cucumber can help you integrate any of these ideas into your company’s blog posts. Learn more about what Content Cucumber can do for your business when you visit our website

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