Are you thinking of starting a new blog for your business? Has your blog been sitting stagnant on your website, gathering dust and cobwebs? What if we told you that there are ways to get more traffic to your blog? Get serious about growing blog traffic because blogging is more powerful than ever.

Over 4.4 million blog posts are published each day, and 77% of Internet users read blogs. The number of blogs worldwide will increase to 3.12 billion in 2020. In the US, 31.7 million bloggers will publish blogs by 2020 –an increase of 12% from 2014. With such fierce competition for traffic, it is high time for you to take control of your blog and stand out from the crowd. Hubspot reports that marketers who emphasize blogging are 13 times more likely to see a positive ROI.

Not every company has the same blogging strategy. But you can learn these four tactics to get more people to come to your blog.

1. Strategize Your Content

Strategize your content with good content and headlines.

The best way to increase blog traffic is to write better content. Better content does not just mean quality content. The best performing content meets a need for your audience. Think of blog ideas that your audience may enjoy and write them down. If you need inspiration, browse through Quora to check out discussions about your industry and see the most popular questions. Scrutinize your competitors’ blogs by reviewing their posts and figuring out ways to outdo them with fresh, relevant posts better known as evergreen content.

Always put together catchy, awesome headlines on your blog posts. See which headlines work best for your posts and use them. You can draw more visitors to your website and garner their interest with irresistible, emotionally appealing headlines. The style of your headlines and content can fall into two categories: humorous and trendy or helpful and informative. Choose one of them, and your blog is off to a good start.

2. Choose Good Keywords

Choose good keywords for your blog.

Picking the right keywords can drive up traffic to your blog. SEO (search engine optimization) sounds intimidating, but it is not so scary after all! SEO is crucial to your blog growth. Your blog receives targeted traffic from Google, and visitors find relevant information and answers. If you do not, your blog remains dormant in the search engines with a trickle of visitors coming through.

Many keyword research tools are available to explore relevant keywords. Start with Google Trends to see search trends over time and use free tools like Keyword Tool. You can spend a lot of time searching for many keywords. You want to use core keywords and long-tail keywords, which are search phrases of 3 and more keywords. For example, if you sell organic skincare products, you would love your blog to rank high in Google results. However, “organic skincare” are competitive keywords. If you focus on “organic skincare for aging skin” or “organic skincare routine,” chances are your blog may rank higher in Google searches.

3. Share with the World

Share your blog posts on social media

Writing great content is not enough to draw more visitors to your blog. Take the time to find out the go-to social media platforms of your audience. Does your blog have visuals? Post them on LinkedIn. Is your audience in touch with Internet culture? Do not be afraid to go on Reddit and start discussions about your blog on certain subreddits. Once you find your audience’s main social media platforms, be sure to hang out there and put their share buttons on your blog posts.

Take care to engage when necessary to not appear spammy. You want to be a helpful member offering great value to your chosen online communities. If someone is asking about using cruelty-free skincare brands, give them advice! If another person is talking about their pet’s Halloween costume, well, no need to talk with them.

4. Be Consistent with Posting

There is no right way to figure out the number of times to publish new content. Some post daily. Others post twice or three times a week at most. Some companies publish new blog posts only once a month. Consider your audience and their online interactions. Take a look into the consistency of published blog posts within your industry. Work with your team to decide what works best for your blog.

Whichever you choose, you must maintain some kind of consistency even if you do not post every day or week. If you post four times a week, your audience expects to see fresh posts. If they see a decrease in posts, they will go to another interesting blog for new content. Consistency is key!

Put Together a Winning Blogging Strategy

If you follow these tactics, it won’t be long until you see many more visitors coming into your website. A great blogging strategy for driving more traffic will help you see results.

Remember: The better the consistency and the content, the more traffic will come to your blog.

So, get out there and rise and shine!

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