As the world of ecommerce grows increasingly competitive, it is important for your brand to stand out from the crowd. With hundreds, or even thousands, of other online retailers competing for your consumers, you can make sure that your ecommerce business is not overlooked by developing a unique, consistent brand voice.

What is your brand’s “voice?”

Your brand’s voice is the way that your brand is perceived by members of your target audience.

Your customers become familiar with your voice the more as your business communicates and interacts with your target audience. Using your brand’s voice, you can show consumers that your business is more than just an online store with various products and services, but rather a brand that has a personality and a lot to offer its customers.

Why does your brand’s voice matter?

When consumers visit your website or read your blog, they are looking for more than just information about your products. Now more than ever, consumers are looking to make purchases based on their perception of particular brands. You can help your potential customers think positively about your brand by showing them that your brand is:

  • Trustworthy
  • Relatable
  • Valuable

If consumers know that your brand looks out for their best interests, shares similar ideals, and will add value to their lives, they are likely to become loyal, life-long customers.

The best way to show customers that your brand maintains these qualities is through your blog. Your blog lets consumers see your brand’s voice, which helps them develop an impression of your brand. With each post you write, you have the opportunity to make a favorable impression and show your readers the heart of your brand.

Consumers today have an overwhelming amount of product options, and it can be difficult for them to decide which product will best fit their individual needs, especially when the products they are searching for are similar in cost and value.

This means that instead of focusing on a product, many consumers are looking to brands they trust in order to buy the items they need.

People buy from brands with which they feel they have a connection. Research shows that customers with an emotional connection to a brand can have a lifetime value as much as 306% higher than those who do not. Consumers also look for brands that share similar values. Roughly 70% of consumers want the brands they love to take a stand on issues that important to them.

As such, savvy ecommerce merchants have prioritized building a voice for their brand that their customers will engage with online, find trustworthy, and seek out when they are ready to buy a product.

How to develop your brand’s voice

Your brand’s voice has the potential to increase customer engagement, brand loyalty, and conversions. If you want to make sure your brand’s voice is appealing to your customers, there are a few tips you should keep in mind:

Connect with your audience

Before you try and determine the voice for your brand, you need to know your target audience. Connect with your audience by conducting demographic research, engaging with your social media followers online, providing surveys, and using data from your website visitors, and find out what they find most important.

You can then use this information to create a brand voice that appeals to this target audience.

Cultivate a message for your brand

What is it that you most want consumers to know about your brand?

 Like Allstate’s “You’re in good hands” or Olive Garden’s “When you’re here, you’re family,” your brand should have a specific message that you want to share with your audience. Figure out your brand’s message and take every opportunity to include the heart of this message into your blog.

This will give your readers a clear idea of what is important to your brand so they can determine whether or not your business’ ideas align with their own.

Keep your voice consistent

When it comes to communicating with your customers, consistency is key. When you create content for your blog posts, make sure that you have the message and heart of your brand in mind. You should not drastically switch the message and voice of your brand.

As your customers become more familiar with your brand’s voice, their trust and loyalty to your brand will increase.

Hire a content writer

Hiring a content writer is a great way to make sure that your blog post content is consistent, high-quality, and true to your brand’s voice. There are countless benefits to hiring a content writer for your ecommerce business.

Content writers have the skill set necessary to elevate your brand’s voice and produce the content you need to engage with your audience, build brand loyalty, and increase your website traffic.

If you want to demonstrate that your brand is trustworthy, relatable, and valuable, then you should make developing your brand’s voice a priority.

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