Back in 2010, the cofounder of Sproutbox, Mike Trotzke, speculated in an interview that Bloomington, Indiana would likely become the next “tech culture hotspot.” This statement was met with some surprise and disbelief, but Trotzke insisted that the strong entrepreneurial spirit and community of the city could certainly encourage and inspire all kinds of creative endeavors. 

Today, nearly a decade later, Bloomington is considered to be one of the best cities for aspiring business leaders and tech enthusiasts. The city has experienced such major growth that it hasn’t gone unnoticed by the rest of the nation. Entrepreneur magazine has recognized it as one of the Top 25 “Best Cities for Entrepreneurs,” and the Milken Institute found that the high-tech GDP concentration of Bloomington is ranked #2 in the country when compared to other cities of similar size. 

In short, it has an awesome startup community, which is reflected by the plethora of flourishing businesses in the area. To show you just how much this city has evolved in the past 10 years, we wanted to highlight just a few of the outstanding companies that were founded here. 

Warrant Technologies

This summer, Warrant Technologies gained national recognition after it received a grant from NASA that will enable them to advance artificial intelligence capabilities over the next several years. According to a press release, the Bloomington-based company is going to conduct research that will help astronauts land on the moon and begin building a permanent moon base. However, the business is still quite down-to-earth; its engineers and developers currently manage multiple ongoing projects with organizations like the Indiana Family Social Services Administration, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and the Maritime Warfare Group. 

Hanapin Marketing 

Hanapin Marketing was ranked #1 in Indiana for being the best small business to work for in 2018, and it has made the Inc. “5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies” list for six consecutive years. Their impressive list of clients includes the likes of NPR, The Weather Channel, Purdue University, Home Depot, and several other notable organizations. The outstanding work of Hanapin Marketing’s digital marketing team has even led to partnerships with Microsoft and Google!

Envisage Technologies

Since it was founded one decade ago, Envisage Technologies has successfully expanded into 26 other states in order to provide important training programs for over 1 million first responders. In 2018 alone, the tech company increased the amount of training courses on their network by 83% and acquired Exposure Tracker, which is a tool that helps first responders prevent overexposure to harmful toxins. The business has developed partnerships with the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police, International Association of Fire Chiefs, National Volunteer Fire Council, International Society of Fire Service Instructors, and several other organizations.

Content Cucumber

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