If you have questions about your current content marketing strategies, need help brainstorming some new topic ideas, or just want more info about our services, you’ve come to the right place! This brief guideline will help you get in touch with one of our super-cool, real-life humans in no time.

How to Contact Us

  • First, determine your right from your left (hint: when outstretched, your left thumb and index finger will form an “L” shape).
  • Look at the lower right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Click or tap on the chat box.
  • Fill out the “Contact Us” form with all your concerns, questions, conspiracy theories, etc.
  • Submit the form. 

See, I wasn’t lying when I said this process would help you find friendly assistance in no time! But for real; the chat box is quick and easy to use, and we encourage you to reach out with any concerns, questions, or ideas whenever you please. 

If you choose to contact us during our regular 9-5 business hours, one of our very own human beings will respond to your message right away. In fact, you’ll get an actual answer from a real person within a few moments after sending your request. 

But even if you’re the type to get sudden bursts of inspiration in the middle of the night, you can still reach out and expect a prompt response by the following weekday. Our humans will simply respond to your message via email to answer your questions, brainstorm with you, and help out with anything else you need (within the realm of content marketing, of course). 

About Our Support Staff

Although I can’t promise that every staff member will be as charming and charismatic as yours truly, I guarantee that you’ll be put in touch with someone who wants your business to succeed just as much as you do. Whether you’d like some real-life human help to generate ideas, improve your current content, or come up with a killer content marketing strategy, please don’t hesitate to connect with us today!

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