Content Cucumber is known for creating high-quality blog posts, but our writing services extend far beyond producing standard 800-word articles. If you want to update any area of your website with new content, our writers are more than happy to help your site gain the attention it deserves!

Need some inspiration? Here are just a few ideas for your next Content Cucumber request:

1. A killer FAQ page

A great FAQ page can dramatically improve your conversion rates. People may feel unsure about buying from you for the first time, and they’ll likely have questions about your return policy, warranty information, shipping, and more. Seeing all these concerns addressed in one place can reassure customers and remove any of their objections to purchase.

P.s. An improved FAQ page isn’t too bad for SEO, either!

2. In-depth product descriptions

Most product descriptions contain nothing more than a brief list of bullet points. It’s useful for showing off your product specs, but they’re also notoriously boring to read (and write).

Content Cucumber can transform bland, generic product descriptions into detailed, attention-grabbing summaries. I’m talking about using emotional triggers, comparisons to similar products, customer testimonials, reasons why you invented the item, or anything else that makes your product stand out from the competition.

3. Comprehensive research

Are you thinking about attending a trade show or ecommerce conference in the coming months? Want to catch up on the latest trends in your industry? Curious about new ways you can expand your business? If you want to learn more about the topics that can affect your business, have our writers do some research for you!

For instance, let’s say you’re too busy to find the perfect trade show to attend in the fall. You could kick off your own research by asking a writer to compile a list of the top 10 trade shows in your industry. With this strategy, you can narrow down your search and create a useful blog post for other ecommerce professionals with one simple request.

4. Helpful checklists

Checklists can be used to relay all kinds of valuable information to your customers. For example, an airline could create a packing checklist for travelers, or a home renovator could provide a checklist describing the tools needed to complete a specific DIY task. Checklists are everywhere once you begin to notice them; they can be found in fashion magazines, infomercials, blog posts, YouTube tutorials, and countless other mediums.

Any topic relevant to your company can become a useful checklist for your target audience. Once your writer completes the list, then you can easily share it on social media, incorporate it into a blog post, or create a video to further explain the contents. One simple checklist can easily be repurposed and updated as needed, so it’s great for inspiring additional spin-off content!

5. Chapter for ebook

If you want to create a detailed reference for your audience, why not ask your writer to create an ebook? As your writer updates the book chapter by chapter, you can share snippets of the text on social media to generate excitement and curiosity, or you can release a new chapter every week to keep your audience interested. Once the ebook is complete, then you’ll have an entirely new resource that you can promote on your website and recommend to others who would find its contents beneficial.

Blog posts are great for highly specific topics, but if you really want to show a deep understanding of your industry, an ebook can be an excellent way to prove your expertise.

6. Social media summary

If you want to show off your own clever puns on your social media page or share a collection of Tweets about a relevant topic, ask your writer to compile a page of posts! The social proof, combined with insightful commentary and explanations from our writers, can create a memorable, entertaining article for your readers.

It should be noted here that the limit for sharing social posts is 1 page containing no more than 400 words. Although this might not sound like much, keep in mind that Tweets can be wildly entertaining, even with a limit of 280 characters.

7. Compare and contrast

Comparison pages are lifesavers for indecisive shoppers. Listing the top products side-by-side while comparing their main specs is an awesome way to establish customer trust and help people feel more confident about their purchasing decisions.

You could even ask a writer to create a compare-and-contrast for businesses that are complementary to your own. If you cater towards small business owners, for instance, you can provide a resource for your target audience by comparing the best apps for productivity or time-tracking.

If you want to try out one of these suggestions, or if you have a unique content idea of your own, feel free to connect with a writer today!

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