Take a second and picture yourself scrolling through Netflix, searching for the perfect show to binge-watch this week. I’m not talking about blasé “Netflix and chill” content; I mean high-quality productions that you actually want to pay attention to.

After skimming through seemingly hundreds of low-budget horror movies and cringe-worthy sitcoms, you might finally stumble upon a hidden gem that you thoroughly enjoy… but wouldn’t it be easier if these awesome shows appeared automatically? Or if the entirety of Netflix was customized for your exact specifications? That’s what Content Cucumber can do: kind of.

Content Cucumber is a writing company—so we’re like Netflix, if you think of our articles like shows and movies. Our clients are metaphorical directors, since everything we create keeps their individual wants and needs in mind. Our subscription-based service even lets business leaders update their blogs without having to lift a finger, giving them more time to focus on their company (or watch Netflix).

Why Blogs are Necessary

Publishing unique content is one of the best ways for companies to establish themselves online. There are actually hundreds of blogs about the importance of blogs. Well-written articles can improve a website’s SEO, drive more potential clients to the site, boost followers on social media, show expertise in a specific industry, and stay relevant in the online marketplace.

Anyone who wants to expand their business can benefit from writing blogs, but it can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially when you have several other responsibilities. Content Cucumber alleviates the stress by creating articles for you to publish. All it takes is a quick form to tell our writers what topic you’d like us to talk about, and we’ll take it from there.

Reasons Why We Write

Our writers genuinely enjoy what they do on a daily basis because they have the opportunity to entertain, inform, and inspire all kinds of readers. Content Cucumber staff actually like doing research and writing articles everyday; so why manage your blog on your own? Whether it’s an amusing article about comparing a company to a celebrity or an educational post about the latest keyword research tips, our experienced team is more than ready to tackle any of your blogging needs.

Why Choose Content Cucumber?

First of all, we’re way more fun and cool than other content marketing sites (just check out our Instagram to get an idea of the shenanigans that goes on behind the scenes!). In addition to our obvious cool-ness, we have roughly the same acceptance rate as Harvard when it comes to hiring our staff. We carefully choose those that are sure to be the right fit for our company.

In short, we’re a brand with a big personality, deep appreciation for our clients, and high expectations for our writers. We love our team here at Content Cucumber, and we’re sure you’ll love them too.

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