“Make the internet a better place” is our credo here at Content Cucumber — a mission that we work to achieve by writing content that is engaging and accurate. By doing this, we hope to fight back against misinformation and low-quality content, which are both far too common on the web. We also know we can use our voice to call attention to others who are making the internet a better place: and that’s exactly why we’ve chosen to highlight Ecosia in today’s article. So here’s the story: 

Due to growing concerns about the environmental impacts of climate change, millions of individuals have made efforts to “go green” in their daily lives. You’re probably aware of small changes you can make to reduce your carbon footprint, like using reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags, but did you know that simply switching your search engine can benefit the environment?

Ecosia functions just like any other search engine, except the profits generated by advertisements are used to plant trees and benefit communities around the globe. Since it was founded in 2009, the organization has planted over 54 million trees and has created sustainable jobs, education opportunities, and better health for thousands of people along the way. 


Individuals and businesses that choose to use Ecosia can feel good about surfing the web since the ad revenue will be used in an ethical, environmentally-friendly way. Ecosia even publishes monthly reports to show users how much money was generated and where that money is being used. In addition, Ecosia offers these specific advantages that other search engines lack:

Increase Your Privacy. Ecosia has a strong emphasis on personal privacy and does not share any data with advertisers. Every search is encrypted to guarantee privacy, and users may even choose to opt out of any tracking whatsoever.

Go Carbon-Negative. Ecosia runs on clean, renewable energy and it also combats CO2 emissions by planting trees. According to Trudie Carter, a social media manager at Ecosia, every search on Ecosia actually removes a total of 1 kilogram of CO2 from our atmosphere!Never Stop Learning. Ecosia points out eco-friendly businesses in each search result to help you choose companies that are dedicated to improving the environment. You’ll find yourself becoming more and more knowledgeable about which businesses to support, and it may even inspire you to make your own company more sustainable as well.


Business leaders who want to be more environmentally friendly in the workplace can start by simply changing their network’s default browser to Ecosia. The search engine offers different group policy templates for several browsers, including Chrome and Internet Explorer, so you and your employees can help create a greener world one search at a time.  

For more information about the positive changes Ecosia has implemented, check out their current reforestation projects or follow them on Twitter to see what they will do next!

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