Later this month, over 6000 attendees will converge at San Diego, CA for Traffic and Conversion Summit 2019. This event is the largest marketing event in North America, so naturally, Content Cucumber will be there, ready to tell the best brains in the biz about our strategy for effective content marketing!

While we feel confident that we know how to tell people about our company, preparing for a trade show or convention can be quite the process, with lots of details to be worked out before the event even begins. Below are ten strategies we have employed in preparing for this exciting event.


Yes, yes, we know, this particular event is less than a month away, so this piece of advice is more for future endeavors. Trade shows can be a big undertaking, especially for smaller companies or newer companies. There are many costs associated with taking your team to trade shows, so securing hotel rooms, flights, and meeting space for your team in advance will help you keep costs down, and help your team get ahead of schedule.


Do this, and do this often! Your team will be representing your company, and you will have to work together to reap the success you desire from your company’s booth. Everyone will need to be on the same page and have the same information, so this is a great opportunity to start compiling notes, documents, and relevant materials into a packet for your team. A week before, you should also have a prep call with every member of your team where you can go over housekeeping items like lodgings, venues, dress code, events, etc.


Before you begin to design your booth, make sure that you have a well-planned and concise message that you want to convey about your business. You know your company and your product well, which can make giving people the short version difficult.

Nevertheless, creating an elevator pitch to get your message across will ensure that your whole team can easily relay to attendees what your company is all about. This saves time and misunderstanding and will help your company be more memorable.


Once you have your message down, it is time to start figuring out how your booth will draw in visitors and how you will keep those visitors engaged. Trade shows are expensive, so expect to spend some money on your booth. Fortunately, creating a unique experience will maximize your results. Try including product demos, games/giveaways, and swag to make your booth remarkable.


Letting fans, competitors, customers, and the industry at large know you will be at an event is a valuable chance to show what your company has to offer. Don’t be nervous to advertise this by posting about it on social media, adding content about it to your site, or using other forms of digital marketing. This will boost your booth’s visitor count, and help your fans stay on top of what you are up to. You can also send out a press release to help get the word out and confirm your presence at a particular show.


Lots of companies reach out to trade show attendees weeks in advance to set up meetings to network prior to the show. Pre-show meetings can be held at your booth before the event begins, giving you a chance to talk to attendees about what they do and get a better idea of who will be looking at your product, and who you should get to know better. These events are also helpful for collecting email addresses and phone numbers for future events.


Chances are high that there will be countless companies and speakers you will want to visit. Instead of trying to cram every event into your day, know who you want to see from the start. Choosing a few of the most interesting or important events or panels to attend in advance will help make show-day less stressful and help you enjoy the panels you attend even more.


Before show-day, but not so far in advance that you risk malfunction, it is a good idea to order, set up, and train your team on all technology that will be used during the event. The last thing you want when you arrive to an event is to spend hours troubleshooting technology or have to run around helping your team learn how to use a platform. Additionally, preparing your technology in advance will ensure smoother transactions and customer interactions.


Because the event you attend will be teeming with other professionals from your industry, this is the perfect place to network. Knowing who will be there and what interests you about other attendees will allow you to look forward to so much more on the day of the trade show. Fellow members of your industry can provide valuable insight and feedback, so do not be shy about mingling.

10. ENJOY!

Remember, this is a chance to show what you have been working on, and that is something to be happy about! Enjoy the trade show as much as you can, and try to soak up as much information and substance from the event as you possibly can. At the end of the day, the work you have done to make it here is over, and it is time to enjoy.

Learn more about content marketing and idea development with Content Cucumber, and don’t forget to visit our booth, P27, at Traffic and Conversion Summit 2019!

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