By Chris Chasteen, co-founder, Content Cucumber

Content writing is one of those things you think you should do, you may even know you should do…and still don’t. You’re only human, after all, and it’s not like you have a virtual army of writers ready to help you produce content whenever you ask for it.

But why would a Content Company not write content for over a month?

The only excuse we can think of is that maybe, when you spend all your time writing for other businesses, it’s easy to neglect writing for yourself.

Well, here’s a confession. As it turns out, the company in question is us… Content Cucumber.

So what the heck happened?

Well, to be honest, it wasn’t that we didn’t have anything to write about or that we had too many resources tied up, it was just us dropping the ball. Yup. We dropped the ball. On what we do best. Ouch. That hurts.

But you know what? We have a plan to fix it, and I hope that our hard-learned lesson and our planning coming out of it can help you to think about your content or even other areas you may be dropping the ball.


First of all, we learned that we should treat our business exactly the same way we would treat any other Content Cucumber customer. We’ve thought this before, but this time we’re thinking, “no really, we need to be our own customer because our own customers are getting good blog content written by… wait for it… us!”

So why am I, a co-founder, writing this blog post? Why didn’t I assign this writing to our own account? Isn’t the whole point of Content Cucumber to save overworked business owners and marketing managers from all that tedious writing work?

Well, partly to remind myself that writing is super important. Partly to put myself in the shoes of our writers. And partly as a “punishment” to myself for not simply assigning articles to be written in the past!


So we talk about Content Calendars and all these fancy tools, but in reality, sometimes simple execution works best. Here’s the simplest strategy to make sure that you’re actually getting fresh content out there and giving your online audience a reason to pay attention to you:


That’s what I’m doing right now. So here’s my announcement: Our blog goes out every Wednesday by noon eastern.

Middle of the week, Middle of the day, why not? Easy enough to remember. So there it is.

Our new Content “Calendar” is being implemented first with the simple concept of an ‘Airing time’ like a TV show. So if you want something to read during lunch on hump day…well, Content Cucumber’s got a blog for you.


Now I need to assign my blog for next week like I’m a client. So, I’m going to do it as I’m writing this…

Ok, so here we go — we’re all stoaked on trade shows and exciting for the Traffic and Conversion Summit coming up in San Diego. So I want my writer to write me something to think about because I want to pull a PR stunt or at least stand out at the trade shows we’ll be at in the near future. So here’s the actual request I’m writing:

Jar Content Request

I want to give the writer a challenge to have fun with this one so I’m giving them some inspiration to go a bit crazy:

I honestly don’t have any SEO keywords for this one in particular. I know… that’s a really strange thing for me to say….but, I don’t want to restrict the writer from going all out on this one. I want total creative freedom to have fun with this one. Heck – I’m excited to see what they come up with, aren’t you?

Well, you’ll get to see what they came up with next Wednesday at Noon (Technically it’ll be done sooner — as you can see it’ll take 2 business days) so it may be available to read as soon as Friday…

At any rate, I really liked writing about my own faults and how I course corrected. I may do a weekly Blog update about me requesting blogs on our own service. So meta — I know.

P.S. Here’s my request in my queue – I’m so excited!

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