Whether you’re keeping up with the latest in online marketing or strolling through your local Farmer’s Market, organic is the latest buzzword. While this type of marketing doesn’t have much in common with organic food, organic marketing still strives for sustainable and quality content for your business. Here are three simple reasons why organic marketing is a smart move for your content creation strategy.


Rather than attracting customers through paid advertisements, organic marketing focuses on quality posts, SEO optimization, and solid content. Real people have real questions. With the right research, your consistent, creative content can target the most unanswered questions in a way that is more informative and easy to read than your competitors.

Why pay to push people towards your website? Instead, with organic marketing, you can have a website people genuinely want to visit. Just like the organic food movement, organic marketing is a move away from dishonest practices and a return to hard work, quality content, and genuine products. With the right idea, that can be all your business needs to succeed in online marketing.


Sloppy writing is painful. It’s painful to read, it’s painful to edit, and it’s memorable for all the wrong reasons. Whether you are thinking of poorly written novels or poorly written content, don’t let your business go down that road. Keep your content clear, avoid lame titles and unenthusiastic descriptions, and pay attention to the details. Doing so will boost your authenticity and make your business stand out.

Like most things in life, this takes time. You’ll need experienced writers, detailed editors, and the best techies you can find. Organizing this kind of team internally can be difficult, so many companies reach out to marketing professionals like the team at Content Cucumber.


People are tired of online advertisements. Your company shouldn’t be another blatant advertisement that demands time and money from people. Instead, you want content that is unique, interesting, and high quality. If you have something to say and you can say it efficiently and effectively, you’ll be a refreshing island in a sea of paid and aggressively promoted content.

While quality can be more important than quantity, even the most well-crafted piece of content can only do so much. Organic marketing takes consistent steps to work, so you’ll need a good amount of content before you reach your marketing goals. Rather than quality instead of quantity, think of quality being the first pinnacle, then reaching that same pinnacle for every additional piece of content.


Despite the contrarian claims, SEO is still a vital part of online marketing. In fact, it may be more cost-effective than other types of marketing. While other strategies may include pushing and bumping your posts, non-organic SEO often only artificially boosts your numbers and rankings. With proper planning, time, and energy, your business could see authentic growth and increased traffic. Hiring a team of organic content creators, Content Cucumber, is a great way to increase your traffic through organic marketing, without the stress of creating engaging content.


While organic marketing may not be farm-to-table like the organic food movement, it still promotes grassroots ideas. If you’re ready to ditch the artificial growth of non-organic marketing strategies, contact Content Cucumber to start a conversation about the pros and cons of organic marketing for your business. Whether you see immediate results or not, the slow, steady growth of organic marketing can be just the long-term investment your company needs. With a name like Content Cucumber, maybe it’s more similar to organic food than you thought.

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