Social media is a great equalizer for establishing brand authority. Regardless of how large or small your company may be, you can leverage social media to increase audience engagement, share your message, and ultimately drive sales.

If you haven’t yet started investing in your brand’s social media presence, it’s never too late. Social media can be daunting, but you’re not walking on untreated ground. Millions of businesses have already used social media to spur growth and build their brands, and you can too. Here’s what you have to gain:


Social media is now the place for people to air grievances, ask questions, and get fixes to their problems. Consumers are now able to directly get in contact with a brand to instantly let them know if something has gone wrong, a mistake has been made, or if they have insight into a product or the business.

While this may seem like a good way to get overwhelmed with the DMs, this has in fact humanized brands, and made consumers and viewers more empathetic and willing to work with brands in order to get the best experience and outcome for both brand and customer.


People who consume media spend nearly a fifth of their day on social media. This shift has occurred gradually as social media and portable media, in general, has increased in popularity, affordability, and availability. Because of this shift, the average consumer sees the majority of advertisements on media, and particularly social media.

On top of an increase in the frequency of social media advertisement viewing, social media marketing is less expensive, and in many cases completely free. Simply by opening an Instagram account for instance, and showing your branding and your brand’s personality on social media, you are building your brand…for free! Did we mention it can be done for free?


Because social media moves so quickly, a good post can circulate through countless social media feeds, being viewed by countless people. That means that within a relatively short amount of time, your viewership can be increased significantly. Around 31% of all new traffic to sites come from social media and social media advertisements. As you put more time into your social media presence, your brand will start to see more traffic, and new interest.

Over time, you will even be able to pinpoint where your audience tends to receive your advertising best, or what type of advertising works best in targeting sales. Perhaps your customers prefer to use Facebook, or videos on Instagram do better than they do on Twitter. That also happens to be part of the beauty of social media marketing. That’s right, bonus tip! You can completely tailor your social media marketing to your brand’s needs!


Sure, hearing about a business from a neighbor, or asking your bestie where they got their new sick hat is a great way to find out about new brands or companies, but that’s no longer how word of mouth marketing truly works, and everyone has had to adapt. By posting new and fresh content regularly, even small businesses can increase their word of mouth marketing.

The more your audience sees your branding and interacts with you, the more they will talk about you, reTweet you, share your posts to their own social media, and refer their own followers or perhaps their own customers to your business. You can build yourself a web of references simply by expanding your own social media presence.


Social media has taken over the world of consumer/business interaction. People flock to their social media to sing the praises of their favorite shoes, restaurants, people, etc. Reviews can go live almost instantly once a product has launched, and people can share their meal experiences only moments after the last bite. Not only do consumers get to keep up with your business, but other businesses get to keep up with your business. And you get to keep up with your industry.

By interacting with other companies in your industry, and getting yourself seen by other companies, your brand authority will skyrocket. This will not only increase your visibility, but also give you essential insight into trends that can help you keep up with the times.
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