Growing a business online can be tough. There are social media pages to manage, orders to follow through on, and competitors to keep up with. That’s why it’s important to make your website stand out. A blog may be your secret weapon.

A well written blog, using SEO content, can push your company straight to the top of the Google organic search list, but the key words there are well written. Everyone has someone at their company who can write, but that doesn’t make them a passionate writer. Writers can take even the most mundane topics and turn them into a worthwhile blog that will generate not only clicks on your site, but actual customers.


Hiring a content writer is an investment, not just in your business as a whole, but in your carefully cultivated online presence. One of top reasons blogs fail, is because the companies behind them get too busy to keep the content coming. With Content Cucumber, we’ve got you covered. We provide fresh content every day, so your website always looks fresh. Our passionate, creative writers are full of ideas, so even if you feel you’re running on empty, they can creating a smash-hit blog that will fuel your site. Plus, our writers know the best SEO practices, so the more content you publish, the more likely you are to get recognized.


Outsourcing a content writer may seem like a daunting task financially, but in the long-run you’ll save some dough. The average cost of hiring an in-house content writer is $42,000 a year. That’s not including benefits like health insurance and paid time off. Plus, you have to provide expensive necessities, including a computer and hours of training. Hiring an outside company is a much more affordable option. At Content Cucumber, we will work with you to create a content strategy that fits your budget.


If you have no experience writing a blog, it can be hard to determine who your audience is. If you write for the wrong audience, your blog will fall flat. Teenagers are not likely to read what’s been made for their parents, and vice versa. When writing blogs in-house, many companies forget to write for their audience, and instead get wrapped up in writing for their colleagues. It’s easy to forget your day-to-day talk is jargon to the outside world. While adding obscure jargon into a blog can seem like a simple mistake, it can have consequences. Customers can feel isolate, and possibly even talked down to, making them want to avoid your site. By hiring an outside content writer, you can ensure that won’t happen. Because content writers are not part of your industry, they will tell your company’s story without adding all the technical terms.

At Content Cucumber, our writers are internet sleuths. They complete heavy research before each article to understand not only your company, but the industry as a whole. They understand what your competitors are working on, what has worked, and who you should be reaching. We tailor each article to your needs, to help you connect with your customers. Because blogs are so personal, they can make help your company reconnect with the consumer. In the digital age, face-to-face customer interactions are becoming non-existent, but through a blog, a customer can understand what you are about. By hiring a content writer, you’re not just ensuring the customer can see you, but they are able to see your best, most professional self.

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