Let’s face it: we’ve all become somewhat desensitized to internet advertisement. What were once innocent banner adshave devolved into annoying clickbait one-liners about how “Doctors hate him for creating this miracle pill!” These primal grabs for our attention have trained us to largely ignore web page sidebars full of paid ads. Even if it does sometimes work, paid advertising is a pricey strategy that doesn’t always reflect a desirable image.

This is where organic marketing comes in. Think of a producer who sells free-range, antibiotic-free chicken breast in a supermarket. Not only is it more satisfying for the producer to create a quality product, but the consumer also benefits from a healthier option than fried, greasy, frozen chicken (AKA spam emails advertising rapid weight loss pills). By getting the customer to naturally come to you, organic marketing can actually be more effective than a paid ad at getting someone’s attention.


When you search a term in Google, the first result that pops up is a yellow-hued paid ad that relates to your search. Yet this result is not always the most relevant; immanagers.com found that the top paid ad only gets about 2% of clicks on average, while the organic result below it averages about 40% of clicks. This is because the searcher knows how to spot the content they’re looking for over an advertiser trying to pay for attention.


Blogging is a fantastic way to market your business while adding valuable information to your website. Steve Olensky at forbes.com considers content marketing (including blogs, videos, and social media posts) to be one of the six essential marketing strategies. He writes that posting great content is “adding value for consumers in a way that aligns with your company’s larger mission.”


Trying to guess what your customers want can be very difficult, but the organic method works the other way around: Write about your own interests in order to become more approachable. Inc.com ranks curiosity as the #1 quality of an extremely likable person. This works the same way with businesses; if your blog provokes interesting thoughts and displays a genuine passion for what you do, people will flock to your business.

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